The Thousand-Year Celebration

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche



Near the end of the Soviet Era, Russia celebrated the Thousand-Year-Anniversary of its Christianization. This root, however, links Russia back to the Byzantine System of top down imperial control that started as a religious doctrine under the Roman Empire. The doctrine was later reflected in Soviet ideology and its resulting political practice. 

A dialog unfolds in the background to a fictional peace conference. The location is once again the Seven Heavens Restaurant (now closed), 900 feet above Moscow on the Ostankino Tower. 

Antonovna (Anton) is torn by the revelation. What she celebrates is in reality the ideological defeat of her country and of the people she loves, a type of rape. That's what was being officially celebrated.

The dialog comprises Chapter 5 of my novel, Seascapes and Sand, of the epic series, The lodging for the Rose. The title of the chapter is The Thousand-Year Celebration

Anton has her heart turned upside down by a facet of empire that had infected her country's history without anyone being aware of it. Here the story begins.

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