by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Looking back:
are we like
driven by
the wind?


We tend to allow ourselves to assume the role of snowflakes driven by the wind, without considering the consequences and the alternatives? Snowflakes don't have the freedom to determine their destiny with the power of intelligence. We alone have this power as human beings. But do we use it? Have we used it?

Under this heading a dialog unfolds in my novel, Seascapes and Sand, of the epic series, The lodging for the Rose. The title of the first chapter in the book, is Snowflakes

The novel is centered on a fictional peace conference in Moscow near the end of the Soviet era. The opening chapter is about great expectations. But do the protagonists in the novel follow through on their promise? Or did they allow the great opportunities that presented themselves, fall like snow to the ground where they become overlaid with more snow, driven by circumstances, some perplexing, some exciting, and some with great promises? Here the story of the novel begins, but in the exploration series here, I place this question at the end. Thus it becomes a question to us all in the present world where great existential crises confront us: Have we done enough to assure the future existence of civilization and humanity as a whole? Or have we drifted like snowflakes dancing in circles?

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