The Magic Mirror

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


"Lothlorien screenshot". Via Wikipedia

With the mirror of the mind we can behold the future
and the past unseen
even what we
don't want
to see


Tales of magic mirrors have been spun into many mythical stories, such as the story of Lothlorien (dreamland) in the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien. Typically, in mythical stories, the mirror reveals what the eye cannot see, but the mind beholds. With this said, allow me to set before you a mirror in which you can see the present world as it would appear to an open mind, a mind demystified.

  1. The first image that one would see is the current image of much of humanity that finds itself in a great crisis, because its heart has diminished and is now "three sizes too small."
  2. Surrounding this scene you would see a forest of lies. The modern constitution that supports the forest simply reads: In Lies we Trust.
  3. In the middle of the forest you would see a stone castle, a castle built tall with walls made of coins of stone. A banner on the way reads: Spreading the Risk; but on the backside it reads: Spreading the looting.
  4. As you enter through the front gate of the castle, you notice that the doors have fallen off, and the door posts are crumbling.
  5. Behind the front gate you enter the garden of invincible might, but you read between the lines on the poster, the words: Invincible Insanity.
  6. Once you made your way through the garden, you will encounter a door that is locked. This is the only door you will find locked. It is locked with large iron bolts, lest someone might break through. The inscription on the door reads: Science, Danger, Keep Out! Between the lines, however, you can read the hidden writing that is thinly concealed. It reads: Prostitutes Welcome, enter through the side door, it's open, we pay you with jingles.
  7. Disgusted, you venture to the rear of the castle that has imprisoned science. There, you encounter a great ice wall, and the castle itself covered in ice. You find a poster facing you from the wall. In your struggle, as you break the ice away, you make out the writing: Congratulation, you have come too late.

That's what you will see in the mirror if you look honestly enough.

Item 1, is an understatement of course, with a few rare exceptions. When civilization has become so poor that evermore people are forced onto the street, so that homelessness and unemployment has become a national disgrace, including slum living at outrageous rents, and so on, it is self-evident that society's hart is half a dozen sizes too small.

Let me cite the case of a woman with a mild case of post traumatic stress disorder. The details are not that important, except to say that she was repeatedly traumatically injured in the course of her duty on behalf of a large religious organization. The case goes back decades, during which she sought help in vain, and compensation to get herself back on her feet to live like a normal human being. 

What makes this case interesting is the fact that the religious organization that she served, has made it its founding constitution to "reinstate primitive (basic) Christianity and its lost element of healing," as taught and demonstrated by the Master Christian, Christ Jesus.

This directive includes the Master's parable of a person who was robbed an injured, an left to die at the wayside. In the parable two members of the high-minded society came that way. Each in his turn, saw the injured person and went by on the other side of the road. A third man, a foreigner to the land, likewise saw the injured person. He, however, responded promptly as a human being would. He responded in 4 different steps:

  1. As the first response, he bound up the injured person's wounds.
  2. Secondly, he placed the injured person onto his own mule and brought the person to an inn.
  3. Thirdly, at the inn, he took care of the injured person's immediate needs.
  4. And fourthly, he provided what was needed for long-term support until the person's recovery would be complete.

With this in mind, I presented the injured woman's case up the ladder within the religious organization that she served at time of her injury. The response was essentially zero, and from the highest level, less than zero.

What I find interesting about this case, is that an organization that is founded on the principle of the highest sense of humanity and healing, has found it necessary to sink so deeply into the hell of its own self-denial under the weight of its millions of stone coins that it lacks the heart to convert a minuscule few into love coins in a case that has been left unhealed since the 1970s.

In order to help the woman meet her needs in an immediate crisis, I did for her what I could, and when this turned out not to be sufficient, I opened up a Love Fund for her and invited all her Facebook friends to participate in meeting her need, and those in the Facebook Group of her religious organization. Here, too, the response, to-date, was zero. 

If this is the response that society gives itself towards its most-immediate associates, and on the platform of the tallest constitution in honour of the grandest species of life on Earth, then what follows as a consequence should not be seen as a surprise. When in the flow of this consequence the fire of nuclear war will erase all humanity, as it is poised to do, only a few people may actually die in the fire, as society is mostly already dead as human beings or else nuclear war and depopulation wouldn't be an issue. The point here is, that the primary challenge in the world today lies not in preventing a nuclear war. It lies in uplifting and rebuilding our humanity, in order for us to become human again.

America's great spiritual pioneer of the 19th Century, Mary Baker Eddy, summed the contrast up, between what should define civilization and what its present state has become, with her dual definition for the term, Zion:

  1. Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength. 
  2. Emptiness; unfaithfulness; desolation.

Item 2. The Forest of Lies. 

What prevents society from converting its mountains of stone coins into living love coins, is a forest of lies indeed. People lie to each other. They lie to their governments at tax time. And the government lie to the people on many fronts. But mostly society lies to itself. 

For example, society sees the current monumental preparation for a thermonuclear war that is in progress, with an insane person holding the trigger, a man ranting and lying in a childish manner. Society's response is to lean back into its easy chair and say to itself that nothing will happen. On this course society is lying to itself in the extreme. "In Lies We Trust!" Under this banner World War I was rolled out of the hanger that left 50 million corpses in its wake. Under the same banner World War II was rolled out, which probably killed upwards to 100 million people. It was followed by the Cold War, the Color-Revolution (invasion) Wars, and the Green wars that now are killing 100 million people every single year.

In this context, all by itself, the 'beloved' banner, "In Lies We Trust," has become the deadliest banner in the entire history of civilization. Society evidently loves the banner. It dances underneath it as it participates actively in the greatest holocaust of all times, against itself.
(Example, the video: Mass Murder with Biofuels) Under this banner society has been drawn into a conspiracy to deny its humanity and become animals, and fall below even this level so as not to 'offend' the animals.

In the forest of lies, thermonuclear war is easy, because in this forest nothing is seen as real anymore, especially humanity. The human dimension has been actively banned from the 'theater' of considerations. Depopulation has become a noble goal, and nuclear war a tool for it. The tool is defined exclusively by technical parameters. Winning is defined by First-Strike success probability calculations. The doctrine of holding back war by deterrence is dead.

During the hair-trigger standoff, of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world lived in a paradise, in comparison with the present. In 1962 the global thermonuclear arsenal was small, measured in less than a hundred warheads, if that. Today, it is measured in the tens of thousands of such warheads. 

Even at the height of the Cold War missile standoff, decades later, the window from launch-detection to impact, was relatively long. It gave the leaders more than half an hour to negotiate and call off the worst. This 'paradise' has ended. In the modern world, with forward basing and new technology, the critical decision window has been narrowed to a mere 3 minutes. The now extremely narrow window leaves no room for human action. It literally requires automated instant retaliatory responses, which, for the sake of the time constraints can only be guaranteed by networks of complex electronic machinery. A retaliatory response in such a case, in the case of Russia, would necessarily be to eradicate the entire USA in the hope that the destruction of the nation will halt its aggression.

When it comes to nuclear war, there is no fighting involved anymore, as in fighting a war. Thermonuclear war is a coldly automated process of universal annihilation. There is no fight happening, no victory possible. The extinction of all life on the planet is the assured outcome. 

People lie to themselves when they close their eyes and say that nothing will happen on the nuke-war front. "In Lies We Trust until Death!" Oh yes, that's the banner now. My Kepler 2, 3, and 4 videos, focus mildly on this folly.

Another example that stands before us, of the forest of lies, that is just as foolish, is the part of the forest that hides the start of the next Ice Age, which according to evidence will occur in approximately 30 years. People lie to themselves when they say, this won't happen. People say this, even while their physical laboratories have delivered monumental proof that they are dreaming.

For decades the world's nuclear-fusion experiments have demonstrated conclusively that the Sun, which produces our climate, cannot be internally powered by nuclear fusion at its core, because, as all the experiments have shown, the fusion product dilutes the fuel and blows the 'flame' out. The longest-duration fusion burn that has been achieved today barely lasted for just a single second. That's the world record in laboratory experiments. It was achieved with the giant Joint European Tokomak (JET) facility. 

The science community lies to itself if it dreams that the Sun is immune to the dynamics of natural principles. There is no way possible by which the fusion-produced helium in the core of the Sun would not 'sour' the hydrogen fuel and blow out the flame. No path exists for the helium, that is heavier than hydrogen, to be effectively purged from the core. This means that there is no way possible that the Sun would remain burning for 4,500 million years on this basis - the basis that physical experiments disprove. 

In contrast with a above science dream, the souring of the fusion process does not occur when the nuclear fusion process occurs on the outside of the Sun where the fusion product is constantly purged away by the solar wind. A wide range of evidence supports the solar-surface fusion model. However, this model also implies that the Sun is electrically powered. And this, in turn, means that the Sun can go inactive when the input density drops below a minimal threshold level. Satellite measurements indicate that the complex dynamic process that powers the Sun at its surface, has diminished by 30% towards its zero point during the 10 years that clean satellite measurements were conducted, between 1998 and 2008 (by NASA Ulysses). 

At the measured rate of diminishment, projected forward in a linear manner, the zero state will be reached in the 2030s, with the Sun going inactive thereafter, probably in the 2050s. Secondary measurements indicate, that the rate of diminishment is actually accelerating. All this means that we are really dreaming when we think that the current interglacial will last for more than another 30 years at the most.

I have presented 58 items of evidence along this line in a recent video with the same name, and more in a number of related videos. See: my related Science videos

While science has been boxed in to hide the critical facts, the evidence nevertheless remains. When society dreams that these facts do not exist, and that the next Ice Age is not on the horizon, even while the evidence is monumental, society lies to itself. And as it lies to itself, it fails to create the infrastructures that are needed for its survival in the coming Ice Age world. In this case, society literally sets itself up to commit suicide by starvation, by lying to itself. Of course, why would this rouse any eyebrows when the worth of the human being is already discounted to zero by society, in its own eyes? "In Lies We Trust." That's the motto in the forest, isn't it?


Item 3: The castle made of coins of stone. 

The stone-coins castle is the world castle. It is a castle of lies. It claims what it cannot be. Stone coins are a lie. They are stone, because they represent stolen wealth. The masters claim that stealing is a harmless zero-sum game where the winners balance the losers. But this is false language to hide the truth. Stealing is destructive. It destroys the productive processes of society. Where once was wealth, resulting from productive processes, wealth is no more. The end result is a sum of zero. And when stolen, the love coins decay into stone coins. They assume a value of zero, as they become uncoupled from the productive economy where alone value exists. By this process, everything grinds down to zero, everything turns to dust. That's the 'sum of zero' game. That's the name of empire. Empire is a destructive machine; a zero machine. It's stone coins of thievery, are zero-value coins, a mere facade.

 In technical terms, the reductionist process to zero, is termed empire. It is politely called monetarism. The correct term would be zeroism. This also defines everything that is latched to empire, such as slavery, deindustrialization, and depopulation. 

On the grounds of the zero-coins, or stone-coins, castle, humanity is the enemy. Humanity is the enemy there, because the stone coins that the castle is made of have no intrinsic value and no strength to support anything. A human being would know this; even a child would, like the child in Hans Christian Anderson's tale of the Emperor's New Clothes, who said, but he hasn't got anything on. A child saying this would end the bail-out swindle.

Only love coins have real value, and have substance and strength, because love coins enable the human genius to produce and create dynamic wealth in the world in terms of a richer living for all, a wealth that grows exponentially with the increase of the love coins.

The wealth-creating dynamism renders the human being an enemy on the grounds of the stone-coin castle. The human being is an enemy there, because if it would as much as sneeze, the monumental stone-coin castle would collapse into dust. That's why depopulation is demanded. Depopulation means killing people by all means possible, from the present 7 billion world population, down to the planned and widely cited level of less than 1 billion. The weight of the stone coins is meant to have a depopulating effect, together with other measures. Of course for these, empire requires humanity's compliance. 

The depopulation demand that the stone-coin castle stands for, requires that humanity totally denies itself as the most precious form of life on the Earth. It demands that society totally stomp out is divinity, its creativity, its productivity, its scientific genius, and assume the role of sewer rats. While society has gone a long way down this road under pressure and coercion, and dehumanizing sophistry, the demanded totality has not yet been achieved, and no evidence exists that it will ever be achieved. Instead, evidence exists that society has begun to reclaim its humanity. A new wind is blowing in the world. The BRICS economic development association and other associations of nations have created an alternative for economic processes and development outside the stone-coin system of empire where development is not allowed. Thus, the stone-coin facade is crumbling. It crumbles in proportion as the new wind brings much of the diminished sense of humanity back to the surface.

Item 4: The gate to the castle is broken down. 

The awakening pioneers for a human world, the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), have blown the gates down that have protected the stone-coins castle. While the castle still stands, the fate of its gigantic derivatives debt burden that the masters of the castle have placed on the shoulders of humanity, is already sealed. It becomes evermore apparent that there is no value in coins of stone, that value lies in love coins that serve the unfolding of the human dimension. The masters of the stone castle are well aware that a sneeze by a human being can shatter the illusion that there is value in dead cold stone. They are scared that a sneeze will blow their house down, even the entire Wall Street and London axis, with a single law like Glass Steagall being reinstated, and puff the stone-coin castle is gone, floating away as dust with the wind. The entire system is as fragile as that. Empire will suffer this fate as it must, as it never had any real substance. Its doom is built into itself. It cannot really be prevented, as the collapse of every empire in history demonstrates. 

The danger of today is, that society remains latched to the crumpling facade so that the collapse of empire will take humanity to its doom with it. In real terms the danger is that the American society fails to purge the empire products from its political landscape. These are the products that have soured and even poisoned the landscape, - products like President Obama himself and his court of war Masters of the First Strike Doctrine, of depopulation, and of economic collapse, all covered over with lies.

Beneath the cover one can hear a chorus of institutions from many directions, warning of the extreme nearness of nuclear war, while society remains indifferent to such warnings as they have all been heard before. Indeed, humanity may have stood at the edge of the precipice many a time, and may have been spared the tragedy in the last moment by patriotic intervention. These cases should not raise the comfort level, because the characteristic of all warnings of the immanent danger of a nuclear war is that the warnings do never come true, because when they do come true, there will be no one left alive to take notice of it. With nuclear war, no one can foretell the hour, or day, or week, except that under present circumstances the hour is near. But we also know, that we, as human beings have the power to change direction and unlatch ourselves from the collapsing landscape where the desperate masters cry for war and annihilation.
(See the video: Drilling Holes though Sophistry)


Item 5: The garden of invincible might. 

The late pacifist of the grave, Bertrand Russell, lamented that wars are too soft for such high goals as depopulation, even the big wars that don't kill enough people and fast enough. He suggested biological wars would do better. 

In the late 1940s, when Russell said this, the thermonuclear bomb hadn't been invented, which can accomplish the job now in the time of a coffee break. Oh, he would have loved to see what can be accomplished now by the really high-minded. 

Russell would have shrieked with excitement to know that when the nuclear-war fire breaks out at 10 o'clock one morning, by 10:30 all of humanity would be doomed, and that by 12 o'clock the earth would be a burnt-out, dark, and poisoned rock where nothing can survive for long, definitely not until the Sun will be seen bright again many years later. He would have called the present potential, depopulation on steroids. He would sing anthems of praise to the masters of empire and their puppets, who have amassed troops at Russia's border from the Baltic to the Balkans in an atmosphere of threats and hate, who thereby set up the conditions for the nuclear fire.

Men like Russell are many now. To judge by the songs they sing, they have rendered themselves blind to the grandeur of the human being as the most precious form of life on the planet and in the universe for as far as our sensors can reach. In his dark heart nothing has value than the stone-coins of his masters. Fortunately, Russell is dead, and society is faintly rediscovering that the most precious that any society has or can have, is itself, its humanity, its creative power as human beings. This reality flourishes outside the garden of invincible might. It flourishes in the garden of the unfolding omnipotence of the human mind. I like to suggest that it is there where the real invincibility lies, even against the threat of nuclear war. In the real human mind, a mind aware of its humanity, the very notion of nuclear war, even to think it, is a crime against humanity and the Earth, even a crime against the Universe and God. 

In proportion as the active substance of peace unfolds in the heart and soul of society, nuclear war and its engines become dismantled. This has not happened yet in a big way, but it is where the focus will have to be placed, and enough of it, for peace to become invincible. That's where the love coins play a major role.
(See the 2-part video, The Incompetence of the King)

Item 6: The locked door of science

Free science is a rare phenomenon in realms were empire rules. Science is all-too-often conscripted to serve the objectives of the systems of empire. The great Socrates was executed for his role in searching for the truth. Communist Russia had many a science genius banished to the gulags in their search for unauthorized truth. Similar tragedies happened during China's Cultural Revolution of the Mao period. In the imperial landscape from Sarpi to Russell, science is feared as a danger to the imperial system. 

Since science cannot be effectively banned, it has become largely controlled with limiting dogmas that put a lid on truth and in many cases determine for society what the truth is, such as the global warming dogma, the depopulation dogma, and the dogma of the internally powered nuclear-fusion Sun, and of course the Big Bang model of the entropic universe without plasma in space that is ruled exclusively by gravity. Whoever subscribes to the doctrine of the empty box is welcome. Prostitution is welcome, through the side door. It is not only welcome there. It is essential for maintaining the false facade. The iron bars on the door of science are needed to prevent humanity from gaining a higher sense of itself as human beings with an open mind that no empire on the planet can withstand, no matter what its color and orientation may be. 

Moreover, the iron bars are respected by society. Society loves to be trained in politically correct thinking. Its simpler to bow to conformity than to step away from it into new and complex worlds where on is alone in exploring what no mind has seen before. The only proof that one may find that one has stepped beyond the iron gate, is that one realizes that the old world is conspicuously absent. Society has been well trained to never venture that far, but to respect the iron bars. Don't speak of anti-entropy. Don't speak of plasma in space. Don't speak of love in society. Don't speak of creative discoveries of the human mind.
(See the video: Rivers of Life)

Item 7: The back door of the Ice Age

If one respects the iron bars that lock up science, and proceeds to work around it, one will likely find that the consequence of it is akin to committing suicide. This has become the biggest 'sport' of the modern age; a race into the future, blindfolded.

The Ice Age is real. We see its evidence trailing deep into the past in glacial records and accumulated sediments. The evidence tells us that the Earth has been in an Ice Age epoch for two million years already that gets periodically interrupted with a few warm interglacial holidays that span roughly 15% of the time. The last of these is the interglacial period that we are presently in, and it is ending.

We are not looking for another Little Ice Age as we had in the 1600s, that reflects a half a degree cooling. The ice core records tell us that we can expect a 20 degree cooling (40 times that of the Little Ice Age) that will render all the northern regions from Canada to Europe to Siberia uninhabitable in a very short period, starting when the Sun goes inactive in roughly 30 years time. This will be the state of the world in the near future whether we like it or not. 
(See: Science videos)

We have an option here. We can venture past the iron bars into the domain of unrestrained science and discover the dynamics of the electro-astrophysical processes that affect our Sun and the Earth in a big way. If we do this, and only if we do this, will we rouse us to build the needed infrastructures for living on a radically colder planet. If we don't do this; if we keep science locked up, 99% of humanity will simply perish as the result of being unprepared. By then it is too late to affect the needed change. If we choose this path, a few people will likely survive in a primitive way, and 100,000 years later in the next interglacial warm holiday a new civilization will arise and stand where we stand today, and may choose more wisely and live.

But why shouldn't we make this choice already in our time. The principle remains the same. Principle is timeless. What is possible in 100,000 years is possible today. Thus, we have the brightest imaginable future before us. The material resources already exist in great abundance to make this future a reality now. So, why shouldn't we go for it?

In retrospect: What does all of this mean? 
- What is empire?

The question of what is empire is easily answered at this point. Empire is all of the above. This is the reason why the opening scene didn't include a palace called empire, because the entire scene is empire. Empire is reflected in society that has shrunk its heart a dozen sizes too small. Empire is the forest of lies. It is the stone-coin castle that has imprisoned science, and it is the garden of invincible might (incurable insanity). It is all of that. It is war and nuclear war, if it comes to that. It is the death of humanity by starvation in 30 years if society fails to regain its humanity and built itself the infrastructures for its survival in the Ice Age world that is already on the horizon.

Impotence, slavery, mediocrity, indifference, poverty, genocide, fascism, arrogance, terror, war, and so on and on, are all synonyms for the term, Empire. The synonyms describe the symptoms of a disease that has festered for 3000 years or more. The symptoms have become a blanket of mud so thick that no sunlight penetrated to the core. Only the human mind can see through the mud, and this barely, and not without effort.

Allow me to give you a taste of the mud. I have explored the mud in a chapter of my novel, Winning Without Victory. I have presented the chapter as a two-part video of the dialog on the chapter, with the title, The Imperial Bravo. The two parts comprise a 5 hour mental struggle. The great length is needed to convey a sense of the impact that the modern assault of empire subjects the leaders of society to, who would not be willing pawns. While the chapter was written before the Glass Steagall law in the USA was repealed in 1999, the chapter can provide a sense of the background against which this great crime was accomplished. And it was a crime. The crime has robbed the American society of close to $25 trillion that was given away from 2008 onward to the gambling banks as bail-out payments, with twice the amount in further demands standing already on the horizon. The chapter can also convey a sense of why all efforts have so far failed to get the Glass Steagall law restored. One of the reasons why the efforts have failed, is that the focus has been too narrow. The focus has been on the law as a technical issue, instead of on the system of empire that makes it an issue.

It is illogical, really, for society to focus on any single element of the above 7 elements, in isolation. For example, it is useless to debate war and nuclear war in isolation, with the expectation that the issue can be resolved. War is insanity. It is an act of insanity itself to debate insanity. Nothing productive will result from the debate. It is likewise futile to debate the nature of the stone-coin castle and speculate on what day and in what manner it will crumble into dust, because the entire construct is insanity.

The evident reason why the disease in civilization, named empire, has not been healed in the last 3000 years or more, when it first infected civilization, is that it has not been seen from the necessary higher level perspective. It is not possible, in the scientific sense, for the would-be healer to uplift society out of the sewer with the means of the sewer itself, where the problems are created. One has to step to higher ground, and this not spasmodically, but to as high as one can reach.

Here the question arises of how this can be done. How does one step to higher ground when the landscape is flooded with mud? 

In practical terms one needs to drill through the mud to find some solid ground to build on. In political terms, the mud of empire, is sophistry. I have included a chapter into the above mentioned novel, Winning Without Victory, in which I explore the process of drilling through the mud of sophistry. The focus in this case is centered on the mud dished up in the Imperial Bravo, referred to earlier. I have presented this 'escaping' exploration, from the mud of empire, in the dialogs video, Drilling Holes through Sophistry. The aim in the exploration is to reach higher than the mediocrity of the merely moral ground.

It is often believed that the disease of empire can be cured in the moral domain. Sure, a light is sometimes seen through the trees that causes a faint recognition that it is immoral to make war, murder, destroy, loot, enslave, impoverish, and so on. This light has been seen on and off through the ages, but it has not been sufficient to end the tragedy in civilization. A higher-level platform is needed than the moral ground.

The German poet Friedrich Schiller coined the term, "The Sublime," to define the higher ground above the merely moral level. Schiller was a poet and fighter for the sublime recognition of humanity. Schiller grew up against the background of the American Revolution, the revolution of a people fighting for their political freedom from empire. This was also the era of the great classical composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. The great poets and composers became sublime, immortal, world-historic persons by their work that gave society a glimpse of the brightness of the human genius. These glimpses of the profound and sublime in the human spirit, and the quest for political freedom from empire, are not unrelated. I have explored this interrelationship in the context of two of Mozart's great operas that were written in parallel with the American Revolution, the opera Idomeneo and The Abduction from the Seraglio. Both works are focused on reaching above the mud that has been accepted as normal, breaking away from it to the sublime. I am not presenting the operas themselves in my videos, but explore instead the human spirit of breaking away from the mud, which the operas represent and are focused on. Look for the videos: Idomeneo and Seraglio.

In modern time, the world-renowned American economist and statesman, Lyndon H. LaRouche, inspires society to reach up to the Sublime level in our time and in our landscape, saying to society, we are not animals, we are infinitely more capable in every respect. By this capability we are the most precious that the principle of life has made possible and developed on the Earth. 

In real terms, we are the diamond in the sky. While this diamond has tragically fallen into the sewer and is soiled with mud at every facet, a diamond remains a diamond still. Once we raise ourselves out of the sewer and wash the mud away, we will sparkle as a diamond does by the principles inherent in its design.

When we get to this point, the name of humanity will be love. The injured will be healed without exception. They will be healed not because of religious relationships, family relationships, or friendship relationships, but because it is the human thing to do to cherish and nurture the human being as the brightest star in the heavens of life, a creator of incredible value, the most precious asset that any society has and can have. Then, as this point is reached, the entire 7-part story that defines the nature of empire will simply vanish, all of it - puff, and it will be gone and a new renaissance will take its place.

The great apostle John had said the same more simply. He said that love is of God. From this follows that if love is blocked or is reluctantly forced, God is denied and empire fills the void in civilization. Inversely, when love flows feely by its own imperative, rich with affections, then love is of God and becomes reflected in a great renaissance. By this we know that we are on the right track. By this we can see, through the mirror of the mind, into the mind of God and the Universe.

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