Love Coins and Energy

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The Two
are One


When I wrote my series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, more than a decade ago, I fitted a brief story at the end of a sequence of momentous events on the world scene. In the story (presented in the article: The Story of the Love Coins) the lead-scientist drops his bags after leaving his hotel on the way to the airport, in order to help an elderly couple to get their luggage onto a bus.

Later, when the question was explored if anything substantial had been achieved by their involvement on the wider stage of world politics, he points back to this scene of helping the couple get onto the bus. Adding that this was the most substantial. He compares the act with putting love coins into a piggy bank which make the world richer, and one's living in it. The story unfolds from there.

Is he correct, that 'earning' love coins is the most substantial form of making the world a richer place, and one's life-experience in it?

Let's take a step back. What is love? One cannot see it, touch it, measure it, weigh it, and so on, but if it didn't exist, civilization would collapse. Love is that substantial. Without it, civilization would not exist. The world is presently far advanced in proving that without love, civilization fades into dust (war, chaos, poverty, fascism, genocide, and economic collapse).

This tells us that the most invisible, the spiritual qualities such as love and intelligence, are really the most substantial that humanity has, second to none. The invisible pervades everything and transforms everything. It transforms 'stone money' (hard currency of treasure) into 'love money' (the living currency for building and creating for a richer human world). The difference for this is enormous. I explored the difference in metaphor in the opening chapter of my novel Endless Horizons. (see as a video: "Shadows that are Light ") 

The difference between love coins (the substance of the invisible) and stone coins (that have no intrinsic value) is such an enormous difference that America's spiritual pioneer of the late 1800s, Mary Baker Eddy, rendered the term "substance" and also "intelligence," as synonymous with God. It took her almost 40 years (from 1866 to 1903) to get to this point. The phenomenon is even visible in astrophysics. And it is a phenomenon that will provide unlimited electric energy for the future of mankind, without which humanity has no future, because all presently used energy resources are fast being depleted.

Many leading scientists presently dream of nuclear fusion energy production on Earth to meet our increasing needs. Unfortunately, what is envisioned is not physically possible. Instead, something far grander is possible. In the real physical universe every Sun has electric nuclear fusion occurring on its surface where invisible plasma particles are fused into atomic elements that the Earth and planets are made of. In the process some energy is also radiated that gives light and warmth for life to exist on our planet. The process functions only on the cosmic scale, motivated by a combination of very-large-scale electric and gravitational dynamics by which plasma particles are set in motion and concentrated around the Sun. 

These plasma particles themselves, however, which are understood as but points of energy, are so minute, that the smallest of them (the electron) is a million times smaller than the smallest atom that has its shape created by the electron's dynamic actions. In other words, the most substantial in the universe, which the Earth and planets are made of, results from vast arrays of principles acting on particle-like constructs that are too small to ever be seen, called plasma. Plasma can only be recognized by its effects. Isn't that how love, also, is recognized, by its effects, and unfolds, as so substantial that civilization would not exist without it?

In real physical terms, the substance of the entire universe of planets and stars is a manifest of that which cannot be seen. Our energy future on earth lies in utilizing the invisible process that powers the Sun, by simply connecting up with it. That's the only option. It is simply not possible to replicate in the small what is only possible on the universal scale. Once this option is chosen (understood and acknowledged) an energy-rich world lies before us. - Love coins anyone?


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