Series on expanding the freedom to love (dialogs)

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche



The freedom to love is an exceedingly difficult subject to explore, as we give ourselves far-too-few chances to develop this freedom. We feel freer to kill in the modern world than being free to love. My epic series of novels, "The Lodging for the Rose" explores this paradox from the grassroots level up. In the course of exploration, the series expanded into 12 novel of a single, the multifaceted story of expanding the freedom to love.

In the 4th book of the series, Winning Without Victory, an idea that was introduced early in the story is coming to fruition. The idea is to provide a platform for society for and unusual holiday, a holiday away from lies. The idea is to set up a nudist beach at an isolated seashore for people to experience their humanity with all the artificial wrappings peeled away. While the beach project doesn't come off as planned, a story unfolds in the political world that forces people to peel way a lot of artificial wrappings in a long progression of invents that gradually opens up the freedom to love a little wider and on a progressively higher level. 

Near the end of the novel, in Chapter 16, The Supreme Being, the beach projects comes into view again. It comes to light as being no longer necessary for the protagonist's 'vision,' because a greater step along the line had already been taken. Nevertheless, in typical bureaucratic fashion, a public hearing for the beach project is being convened in a regional government setting. 

In the novel, the entire sequence unfolds from Part 2 onward. It begins at the beach, is interrupted by nuclear terror that nearly succeeded, which sparks a commitment to widening circles of love to heal what has never been healed before, including in the real world to the present.

A number of elements that unfold during the beach-project hearing in the novel are presented separately as a 'mini' sequence of exploration. Each episode is focusing on progressive aspects of the main subject, the wider freedom to love. The sequence that is presented, was chosen for its increasing relevance in today's world, including the final element of it (from Chapter 17) Resurrecting Carmen (resurrecting the USA).

Please note: Audio versions are available for all chapters. The dialogs are also available in video versions. Look for the videos, The Supreme Being and Resurrecting Carmen.

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