Infinite Healing

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Heal the sick,
Raise the dead,
Cleanse the lepers,
Cast out demons.


America's spiritual pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy, engraved the four directives by Christ Jesus into her seal, which she has placed on the front cover of her textbook on Christian Science: 

"Heal the sick; Raise the dead; Cleanse the lepers; Cast out demons." 

She appears to say to society with this directive incorporated into her seal on the front cover of her textbook book: It you are not committed to this, don't bother to even open the book, because then you only read the words and fail to see the substance of the Spirit that the words relate to.

Here the question arises: Will we ever reach a point when this directive cannot be fulfilled, when nothing remains to be healed?

I would answer, no, because the infinite has no limits. I would say that we will never reach a point, where progress ends. In this case, the directive itself becomes uplifted. Instead of healing a crisis, we may find ourselves struggling with the healing of an idea, or even a single word in a specific context. And the resulting healing can be a momentous healing. Let me present such a type of healing, in this case the healing of a word.

The healing of a word

Since slightly before 1883 Mary Baker Eddy defined the nature of God with the terms: Principle, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, Substance and Intelligence. In later years she added the term Mind to the list.  For over 20 years these terms had remained unchanged. But then in 1903, after more than 200 editions of the book, Mary Baker Eddy removed the capitalization from the term Substance and Intelligence, to the present verbiage "all substance, intelligence." This involves a revolutionary healing of the concept, "God." It brings God to earth as substance (something tangible, substantial, not esoteric or theoretical, but an existential quality experienced in life and love and so forth), even "all substance." Allow me to expand this front a bit.

The case of love

A decade ago I wrote the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose. In one of the books of it (Endless Horizons) the question is asked, "What is love?" It is said there that we cannot touch love, or measure love, or weigh it, or even see love. It is something spiritual. Then it is acknowledged in the novel that when love would be removed from the human landscape, civilization would collapse. That's how one measures love. 

I would add today that love is so amazingly substantial, that without its substance we would have no civilization. the concept would not exist. Civilization would not be possible. This means that civilization is essentially spiritual, and that everything spiritual is substantial. That's how we see God. In other words, we see God in what is truly substantial. With the de-capitalization of Substance as a synonym for God, Mary Baker Eddy brings God down to earth so to speak, manifest on earth, not just theoretically or esoterically, but substantial in the fullest sense of the word.  Mary Baker Eddy also defines "intelligence" in the same manner, as a synonym for God.

In the context of Mary Baker Eddy's example, of her healing of a single concept, after 20 years of spiritual development, will it be possible that we will ever run out of things to heal, and to raise the 'dead' to be truly living, and purge the 'leprosy' of an imperfect sense of our humanity, and of course cast out the 'demons' of small-minded thinking (as if God could ever be small)? Hardly. Because, infinity, simply means: without limits.

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