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 Flight Without Limits

 Brighter than the Sun 

A series of eight novels: The Lodging for the Rose

 outline of the series
 Episode 1 - Discovering Love
 Episode 2 - Roses at Dawn
 Episode 3 - Winning Without Victory
 Episode 4 – Seascapes and Sand
 Episode 5 – Glass Barriers
 Episode 6 – Endless Horizons
 Episode 7 – Sword of Aquarius
 Episode 8 – Lu Mountain  

Stories from the novels: The Lodging for the Rose

 outline of the stories
 Queen of the New Law
 Shoot Them
 Shared Roses
 Here Begins a New World
 Angels of Sex
 Empty People

General Science and Exploration

 Metaphors of The Lord of the Rings

The research series, Discovering Infinity

 outline of the series
 Introductory volume: Roots in Universal History
 Volume 1a: The Disintegration of the World’s Financial System
 Volume 1b: Crimes Against Humanity
 Volume 2: Science and Christian Healing
 Volume 3a: Spiritual Pedagogicals
 Volume 3b: Spiritual Development
 Volume 3c: Spiritual Science
 Volume 4: Light Piercing the Heart of Darkness
 Volume 5: Scientific Government and Self-Government
 Volume 6a: The Infinite Nature of Man
 Volume 6b: Spirituality and Politics 



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