Golden Love Coins

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Listen to the song
Listen to the heart

Listen to the silence where strands of love unfold
Listen to the symphony of our humanity
In this symphony we are One
One with the Universe itself.


'Golden' Love Coins can be minted by anyone, even on a zero budget. They are forged from the heart with love for the humanity that we all share. Our world becomes richer, the more we enrich the life of one another. We live in this world, share the wonders of its 'landscape,' and uplift each other to see its sunshine, meet its challenges, feel its riches, probe its infinity, and find joy in its beauty. Maybe that's what love is. It also appears that on this front, we have barely begun. 

My personal motto for the last thirty years, has been:

Discovering Infinity

I love the webs we weave
beyond what any spider can
- for spiders aim to catch to kill -
we weave to give the best we have
to enrich each other, to brighten our world...

Oh, for the glory of the human mind
that shines in countless ways like stars -
How rich we are!

In this landscape I became a researcher and discoverer and producer. I have written 14 novels, 13 research books, and more than a hundred videos. I have explored realms that few people know to exist or dare to acknowledge, often contrary to the mediocrity of public opinions or accepted science doctrines.

My publishing effort for the last 30 years, of the discoveries, has been carried out exclusively by myself on a near zero budget, and in part with software written by myself. Everything that I have produced is offered for free, with the exception of printed material produced by print-on-demand services.

Sure, the video productions, produced on a zero budget, lack the glitter of Hollywood productions. Also, in times when I had problems with my voice and equipment, and also for the lack of time, a computer generated voice had to be applied to the videos that gave rise to a few nasty comments. In such cases, please accept my apology. I felt that the material presented was of greater importance than a few annoyances.

And the subject is important. All the evidence that I have come across tells me that the start of the next Ice Age is near, that the transition will be fast, and will likely occur in the 2050s timeframe, with a severity that will render the territory of all the northern nations rapidly uninhabitable, such as Canada, Europe, Russia, and parts of the USA, India, and China, and disable their agriculture.

The general response has been, a grand denial, which appears to be even more deeply rooted in disbelief and indifference than the current denial of the danger of nuclear war that is presently more immanent than at any time in the past and less preventable at the critical stage. Modern missile technology and forward basing has shrunk the time between launch-detection and impact, from the 40 minutes in the Cold War era to 3 minutes. That's all that humanity gives its leaders in the heat of the battle to prevent the extinction of humanity that results from a nuclear war. That's how 'small' the love coins have become that humanity bestows on one another. The 'smallness' is a measure of imagined and accepted impotence. 

A meaningful march of the love coins hasn't been seen in the world in a very long time, as is evident by the rising flood of homelessness, unemployment, poverty, genocide, economic collapse, war, terror, fascism, and the phenomenal explosion of 'stone coins' in the financial arena in the recent decades, that crush the living of entire nations. 

An effort is underway to turn the flood around that is now choking so many nations, such as Greece that had 80% of its small businesses go bankrupt under crushing austerity imposed by the EU Troika policies. The turn-around effort is made by the cooperative union of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and associated nations - a voluntary economic union devoted to mutual economic development. Nuclear war is being prepared by the 'stone' empire to terrorize the BRICS nations to surrender their freedom and their commitment to the march of the love coins that has begun, most profoundly in 2014.

Thus, the question of whether humanity becomes extinct in nuclear war or 99% perish in the next Ice Age that it is not prepared for, will be decided by the freedom of the march of the love coins versus the stone coins that are presently crushing civilization. This outcome depends on society's self-assumed sense of impotence becoming healed with the dawning recognition of our power as human beings, to love, that we all share.


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