Flashlight Parties

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


In the shadow
of rape


When Russia celebrated the Thousand-Year-Anniversary of its 'Christianization,' it celebrated its willing subjection to the Byzantine System by which it was ideologically raped. Russia never really fully recovered from this rape of top down imperial control that is mirrored in its religious doctrine that later shaped the Soviet ideology. The people of Russia never experienced the freedom of a great renaissance in its history, only repeated aggression against it, with the latest trailing out into nuclear war.

A dialog unfolds on the subject of imposed impotence. It unfolds against the background of a fictional peace conference. The story is staged at night in a winter landscape overshadowed by the Seven Heavens Restaurant on the Ostankino Tower, where the Byzantine story had been revealed to Antonovna (Anton) a few hours earlier over dinner. 

In the shadow of the painful revelation Antonovna confided that she knew 'deeply' what this means, from bitter personal experience. She reveals a traumatic secret, that she had never told to anyone before, being ashamed of it and of the consequences. Reluctantly she reveals the story of her betrayal by her own family that she begins to recognize mirrors the story of her country and the experience of humanity in many ways; a story of impotence in the shadow of invincible insanity.

- The dialog comprises Chapter 6 of my novel, Seascapes and Sand, of the epic series, The lodging for the Rose. The title of the chapter is Flashlight Parties.

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