Correcting History

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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Lead-in (Background and setup for the exploration)

"Like what?" I interrupted Fred. "Are you referring to what the old man said at the hearing that we lost the nation when we lost the Federal Credit System as the basis for our economy? That was the result of loosing our humanity and becoming evermore blind to love. You read the transcripts from the hearing, haven't you? Do you agree with the old man that America lost World War One for the whole of humanity at Christmastime in 1913, when we surrendered to the imperial oligarchy, when we scrapped our Federal Credit System that our nation had been founded on, and replaced it with the imperial's private monetary system. We gave them our national currency as a Christmas present and put the credit creation into the hands of their private central bankers whose system is designed as a profit engine to nurture their greed and empower their fascism. That's what the old man said happened at Christmas in 1913. That's heavy stuff, isn't it? He said that America was founded as a Federal Credit Society for its self-development. That was totally wrecked at Christmastime in 1913. He said that the imperial moneybags have been fighting a relentless war against us to wreck our nation. They started scoring with the assassination of Hamilton. The old man said that they succeeded in 1913 when we surrendered on the 23rd of December. He said that World War One was lost that day, and that America lost it for the whole world. He said that the shooting war in Europe that started half a year later, which is mistakenly called World War I, was but the aftershock of America loosing the war for the world at Christmas in 1913. That's quite a revolutionary rewriting of the history books that the old man has done, don't you think?"

"He has been correcting the history books, Peter!" said Fred. "It is about time that somebody set the record straight. World War One began on July the 4th 1776 when 13 colonies in North America announced their separation from the British Empire and founded the United States of America. That was a declaration of war against the Empire. The resulting war changed the world, but the peace without empire in the world has not yet been won. The war is still ongoing. When the peace is won, the world will be free. We fought for our freedom when we started this war. And with it we also fought for the freedom of the world, from imperial tyranny. We brought hope to the world with an example of what can be achieved when a nation devotes its resources and its strength as a people to its own self-development instead of acting as slaves to an imperial financier oligarchy and its voracious living. The imperials fought this war against us that we started in an effort to uplift civilization on this planet. Nor did we fight this war alone. We were supported in this war to uplift civilization, by many of the great nations in Europe, by Germany, France, Spain, and also by Russia. We had their support when the support was most needed. So it was a world war that we started, and which is still ongoing. Our war to uplift civilization truly started as a genuine world war. But this soon changed. Europe became devastated in the empire's rage, and towards us, the imperials did never relent. They kept fighting to destroy us by all means possible. At first they fought us on the battlefield. They lost the battle there. Then they fought us with free trade. Hamilton won this battle for us, by stopping free trade. But Hamilton was killed in 1804. That's when the imperials scored their first success against us. That's also when the takedown of the Federal Credit Principle started within our country. But it was revived soon enough. Abraham Lincoln revived it big time. The American Civil War must be seen as but a battle within the Imperial World War against civilization. The Civil War Battle was aimed to destroy the American republic from within, by means of mobilizing the slaveholder society in the South. Nobody in the imperial world expected us to win. But we did it. We won the Civil War Battle with industrial logistics by developing the northern industrial base, and we won it with the industrialization of agriculture. It was all made possible by the Federal Credit System. The war-fighting itself was a tragic scene of heroic and extraordinary battles, fought on both sides, with horrendous casualties. The rate of casualties in this war was greater than in any other war in history, nor were the stakes ever higher in any war prior to this time. Nevertheless, the heroics alone wouldn't have won the war without the logistics created by the industrial development of the North on the basis of the Federal Credit System. That's what Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for in 1865. In their unyielding determination, the imperials 'stole' another score in their World War, with their assassination of Lincoln, in their effort to bring down the Federal Credit System. The success that they scored in their World War against civilization appears to have emboldened the imperial camp towards 'stealing' their third score a decade later in 1875 with the Specie Resumption Act being passed in Congress. Their winning of this battle closed the door on the Lincoln style Federal Credit System and replaced it with a monetarist gold system that is an essentially imperial system. Still, the imperials fought on. They were aiming for total victory in their World War against civilization. They won another key battle in 1913 when Congress surrendered and handed over to the private imperial banks our currency and our credit creation. After that we had nothing left to loose. The USA that had been founded on the 4th of July in 1776, essentially existed no more. We had started the World War against Empire, and we lost battle after battle as the imperial camp turned our war for the freedom of mankind into its own World War against civilization. The imperials fought us for 138 years until we finally caved in during the most decisive battle. Yes, Peter, the shooting rampage in Europe that began half a year later was but an aftershock set off. It was secondary, designed to erase the last vestiges of the American System's echo in Europe. The so-called World War II, which was still another battle in the Imperial World War against civilization, was essentially just another aftershock by which the fascist nature of the imperial monetarist system became ever clearer to the forefront. World War II was the equivalent of the murder of Carmen. Mankind had lost its humanity in the rage of imperial greed. The murdering of Carmen is still going on, and keeps going on until we rewrite history in the context of our own War For The Freedom Of The World, by reversing our own failing that gradually destroyed the Principle of Universal Love in our heart, and increasingly around the world. We can only save 'Carmen' by resurrecting this principle that became lost in the heat of all of these battles."

"That's like pouring in flood tides of love into the empty shell that society has become," I interjected. "That's what Steve and Ushi and I had talked about and explored all night on the very first day that we met. Steve had likened it to us filling our glasses with love, up to the brim, and overflowing them to flood the world. It seems almost impossible to cause such a shift universally, doesn't it? But we didn't see this challenge in the context of a world war when we explored the challenge in Leipzig."

Fred nodded. "It's like everything else, Pete, that is gradually eroding by constant nagging. In fact, the war to destroy America has been going on for so long now that even you don't remember it anymore as but a battle in a larger world war," said Fred. "Who is even aware these days that there exist two fundamentally opposite economic systems in world history? Who remembers the Federal Credit System that built our country? The only thing that people know now is the Imperial Private Money System. Some people say that the day of the Federal Reserve Act being passed was the blackest day in American history, but usually people don't know why, and they don't know that it was also the blackest event for the world, and the most decisive loss in the only true world war that has been raging throughout the last 250 years. It made the Imperial Private Money System king and set the stage for the imperial takeover of the world that is still progressing."

"But who even remembers that America pioneered the Federal Credit System that had nearly saved humanity?" I said to Fred. "It had been implemented once all over the world, but it's all gone and forgotten. To be honest, I don't even know how it all got started. Do you?"

"It seems to have been started rather quietly in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, way back in the 1600s," said Fred. "It appears to have started under the leadership of the Winthrops and Mathers. They called their colony the 'Commonwealth of Massachusetts.' The Commonwealth had issued the famous Massachusetts scrip for the common welfare of the people. It was done in the form of a state-run financial credit system, designed to enable certain essential physical developments to become possible, like the development of an iron works that was urgently needed for the developing new economy. I believe the greatest of the new iron works was called the Saugus Iron Works. Massachusetts had built one of the most important ironworks in the world, and totally on the credit society principle, rather than with the king's money. The new iron works was more advanced than anything the British had. And on the credit platform, it was the people who owned the mill rather than the king. The scrip was a kind of paper money created by the state, to develop the community of the state. It was a promissory note by the state, a kind of obligation to keep the scrip fungible. It was issued as a state credit for supporting specific developments. By issuing credit to themselves the peopled didn't needed to go begging to the moneybags and pay the imperial ransom that was normally demanded. Of course, as soon as the people's own credit was in circulation, operating like money, the free currency developed the whole economy. Massachusetts had experienced the richest development on this basis, probably in its entire history, until the scrip credit system was eventually wrecked. This once rich technological development in its early period probably laid the foundation for Massachusetts becoming the technological pioneer that it still is. Anyway, that's how it began, Peter. Unfortunately, very few people understand the significance of what the pioneers had accomplished. However, the significance of it was well understood at the time by the masters of empire. They reacted harshly and shut the credit society principle down, which thereby collapsed the Massachusetts colony significantly. However, the masters of empire couldn't collapse the credit principle itself. The cat was out of the bag so to speak. The masters' intervention backfired. What they squashed became a fire in the background that contributed to the eventual founding of the USA on the platform of this principle. It might be that without the demonstrated power of this principle that had been pioneered in Massachusetts, and its promise for freedom from empire, the momentum might not have developed for the powerful push for independence that eventually succeeded."

"A big revolution requires a big cause," interjected Ross. "The credit society principle provided the big cause that enabled our independence."

Fred nodded. "Massachusetts had demonstrated for the first time in history that it is possible for a people to economically function independent of the moneybags of empire," said Fred. "The moneybags became thereby functionally obsolete. The door to freedom was opened. The USA might not exist today if it hadn't been for the credit principle that had enabled its independence from empire. That's how we succeeded. We said, who needs the king? This also means that the USA was doomed to fall back under the yoke of empire whenever its credit-society principle was scrapped, as this has happened several times in history, and is now happening again in a big way. Our American Federal Credit System was established on a proven principle before it was built into the design of our Constitution in 1787 to become America's foundation for economics. Putting this principle into the Constitution was probably to a large degree the work of Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was one of the pioneers of the principle of federal paper money, built on the Federal Credit System principle. Henry C. Carey, one of the greatest economists the United States ever had, was fully committed to defending this foundation and promoting it universally throughout the world. We truly were the city on a hill, and the eyes of the world were fixed on us for what he had demonstrated as a platform for the freedom of mankind. That's what Carey fought for and defended. And that's what we lost.

"As I said already, the destruction of the Federal Credit System began in 1875 with the passing in Congress of the Specie Resumption Act," Fred continued. "This early traitorous act was designed to defeat what Carey has fought for. It forced an end to the credit scrip of the Lincoln era and forced its replacement with imperial gold. Of course gold was limited in supply and expensive to borrow and to hoard. It severely limited economic development, increased inflation, and build up debt with ever-higher usurious demands. This traitorous act, however, only became the starting point that opened the door to the final deathblow that killed the Federal Credit System dead, on December 23, 1913, on the day before Christmas. The Federal Reserve Act that gave our money and credit away into the hands of private banking financiers may well be the most treacherous act passed by Congress in our country's entire history. The private imperial monetarist system that was imposed to replace it, quickly strangled the nation from this day forward. It controlled the issuing of credit, which was then no longer directed to production, but to the pursuit of usurious profits. From this point on the Federal Credit System of our founding fathers, the gift of the nation's pioneers lay dead, and receded into the pages of history. With the stroke of a pen, one of the key elements of the character of our nation was disallowed, denied, and erased. The American nation had become an imperial nation in character from this day on. The great battle in Europe that became World War I, that was launched half a year later, might not have erupted without our defeat in America in 1913. On the wave of their victory the masters of empire moved swiftly. The bases were already loaded in Europe. The assassination of an Archduke and the heir of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife, were orchestrated to deliver the final spark that lit the powder keg that exploded all of Europe. It could have been prevented, but there was no one left then in high places to fight for humanity and halt the madness."

"Within a dozen years, America, the economic powerhouse of the world, lay defeated," Fred continued. "America had become a broken nation. Wrecked by unbridled speculation and profiteering the monetarist system finally crashed in 1929, followed by the deepest depression in the nation's history. It wasn't so much that the imperials had brought us to our knees, though they fought hard to get us there. We did this to ourselves. We bowed to them. The amazing thing is that our nation continued to cling forever after to the monetarist system that had dragged it to the ground. Franklin Roosevelt had revived us during his Presidency by reinstating the Federal Credit System informally, but he failed to reverse the key mistake. He failed to reverse the Federal Reserve Act in law that alone could have ended the privatization of the nation's currency and its credit creation. Roosevelt never clawed back America's 1913 Christmas present to the masters of empire, by simply canceling the Federal Reserve Act. He didn't have the political backing to go that far. Thus, the 1913 deathblow had remained intact and resumed its tragic function after Roosevelt's death.

"As a consequence of this failure," said Fred, "the USA remains to the present day a monetarist branch of empire, and thereby a defeated nation. Living under the monetarist system we live with a millstone hanging around our neck. The millstone is called speculative profiteering, but it really functions as a system of legalized stealing. Consequently we've been locked into a collapse process throughout the entire postwar period that is now becoming evermore tragic for all nations. The whole world is still in the process of dying from its failure of winning the Peace in the still ongoing real World War. There is no way we can build an Ice Age Renaissance on a foundation that lacks our winning the Peace of the World that is the world's freedom from empire, Peter. The ground is collapsing beneath our feet. Everything that we had built in the Franklin Roosevelt era, utilizing the Federal Credit System principle, has become wrecked again in the postwar era by reverting the USA back to the private imperial monetarist mode. That's why you won't get a penny from the federal government for national development and the development of peace and security, and much less for an Ice Age Renaissance. The needed reversal will have to be funded from whatever patriotic elements still exist in the population, as few as those might be. Also the night-and-day difference between the two systems, a difference of complete opposites, needs to be made understood that explains perfectly why our nation's scarce resources are still diverted to wrecking the world, rather than protecting our own people. This wrecking-ball function is a built-in characteristic of the monetarist system, which is inherently a fascist system. We need to get out of this system, Peter, and rebuilt the Federal Credit System that is our national heritage and identity. We have to do this to end the betrayal of the countless patriots and pioneers that gave their life to built our country as a republic for it to be a light unto mankind for all times to come. The Ice Age won't wait, Peter. It is coming by its own momentum. If we don't mobilize ourselves to get ready for it, the whole of mankind may come to an end. We need people like Steve to help us to get the entire world out of the imperial trap and prevent the greatest disaster of all times. This means we need this help badly. We need everybody's help who understands the principles that give us the power to defeat empire. And there aren't many of those around."

"Why do you say this?" I interrupted. "Why do you think Steve's help is so critically important on this front?"

"Because we need to develop a world-shaking commitment to honesty in science. We need this as much as we need honesty in politics and economics, Peter," said Fred. "Steve is the giant on this front. There is an old saying that the first victim in any war is the truth. This saying holds true for any arena in which wars are fought, including the arena of science. It also applies to the imperial battle that we lost in 1913. This loss has been glossed over with the glitter of bad science, including the bad, so-called, economic science, the Adam Smith science. Science has been converted into a weapon and has been brought into the theatre of the imperial war against humanity in order to prevent the development of an Ice Age Renaissance. Truth no longer means anything, anywhere, including in the arena of science. When the first concerns about the return of the Ice Age were raised in the scientific community, in the early-1970s, especially about the economic requirements for facing the next Ice Age, the Global Warming Doctrine was hastily invented in order to prevent the global renaissance that would have had to result from those concerns. Currently, society is spending five billion a year on so-called climate research, but this isn't done to find the truth, the research is focused on covering it up, on hiding it, on manufacturing evidence that shows that manmade global warming is real. While the Manmade Global Warming Doctrine is rapidly becoming debunked as the lies are wearing thin, new lies are conjured up. The new doctrine that is now being fielded, which is intended to replace the Global Warming Doctrine in due course, will some day be known as the 'Long Delayed Ice Age Doctrine.' The new doctrine will ride on a conjured up new scientific doctrine that the next Ice Age lies still thousands of years in the future so that no one need to be concerned in the immediate time ahead. Cleverly crafted scientific data will show that no technological and economic preparations need to be made in the foreseeable future to enable mankind to face the challenge of surviving the coming glaciation period in which agriculture gets wiped out. The new doctrine will suggest that there is no need to interfere with the current imperial monetarist system, and to stop the looting and enslavement of humanity. Many more billions will likely be spent to prove the new doctrine or the like, while the enslavement of society continues and the wars continue to prevent the development of the needed new renaissance. The evident plan is, that this cover-up will continue until the Ice Age transition begins, at which point the reaction will be too late," said Fred.

I protested. I raised my hand and stopped him. "The cycles of scientific lies will be broken, Fred, when the Principle of Universal Love govern society," I interjected. "This principle is the platform for truth. With it, we can break the logjam. We can do this. The scientific logjam can be broken. Sure, I realize that to even get started with the development of this vast universal principle seems to be an infinite task, but if we say we can't do it, then Palmerston has already won, who said the same thing to me."

Fred nodded. "That's what I said, isn't it? There is no other pathway for doing that," said Fred. "No one can fight the scientific lies without resorting to the Principle of Universal Love. That's why we need Steve's help who can bring this principle into the scientific world. Most people get trapped into the many dead-end alleys where people are fighting contests over countless little things and opinions, which drives society ever further away from the truth. The simple fact is that it is no more possible to forecast the year and the decade when the Ice Age Cycle begins anew than it is to forecast the hour of a volcanic eruption decades in advance. We can only look at the few things that are known and draw logical conclusions. We know for instance that we had several major Ice Age periods in earlier geologic times, in the Precambrian, the Ordovician, the Devonian, and the Permian timeframes. While continental drift had something to do with these Ice Age periods, galactic events with intense cosmic radiation most likely had affected them also, modulated by solar cycles. We know the solar events shield that Earth from cosmic radiation, which in turn affects our climate, and that their major cycles follow the rhythm of the Ice Age cycles, including the rhythm of the eccentricity of the very orbit of the Earth around the Sun in our solar system. Since all of the cycles are linked with each other, and are hugely massive, they don't change their cyclical consistency as rapidly as we are told to believe. It seems unreasonable to suggest that the current interglacial period will be more than then twice as long in duration than the historic average. Since the world of science, like any other arena, has been saturated with lies in the imperial wars against mankind, the actual scientific truth is hard to come by. One must assume therefore that the most logical will happen, that the current warm period is essentially over, that we are in the boundary zone to another Ice Age. It could hit a hundred years from now, or a thousand years from now. Some even say that the transition might have already started since a large portion of the world's glaciers are already advancing again. Since we are also living in a boundary zone that is saturated with lies, the only reasonable reaction is that we mobilize our human resources to get our house in order as fast as possible. We must do this with the kind of intensity as if we were facing a great emergency, which we might indeed be facing. Since we are dealing with natural variances that are inherent in such long-term cycles as the Ice Age, we have no option but to plan for the worst case scenario. If it takes a hundred years of technological and economic development to create efficient indoor agriculture, then let's start now on the assumption that the possibility exists that the Ice Age will hit us in a hundred years time. We must do this even if the possibility was only slight that the Ice Age begins in a hundred years time, though it is already half a percent overdue. We can't afford to gamble with the future existence of mankind. If the lightest chance exist that mankind's future is in danger, we must act now to prevent that danger. And that is what we can do. We can prevent the Ice Age danger with Steve's tropical floating agriculture, and then with indoor agriculture. Since this is our only logical option, let's get on with the task no matter how huge it may appear. Should we accomplish the task a thousand years before its needed, nothing would be lost, but we would likely loose everything if we gamble that the Ice Age might be delayed, and it comes to pass that it isn't. Apart from that, we desperately need those advanced agriculture facilities now, especially indoor agriculture. We are living far too dangerously by spreading our single crop agriculture across wide areas without any effective isolation to protect our food resources from the always possible major pest and blight, or major pandemics in life stock. The Irish potato blight that became a huge local catastrophe, could have easily become a universal phenomenon. That's the gamble that we take if a major crop fails globally by a fast-spreading blight. We are taking enormous chances today with potential consequences that are greater than the worst wars in history. Indoor agriculture would certainly prevent this. Likewise livestock diseases can spread like wildfire in the totally unprotected environments that we operate in today. They can then mutate and infect human populations. The potential for pandemics is horrendous. We might face pandemics that could easily pale the 1918 pandemic into insignificance, which had killed tens of millions of people in the space of a few months. Why then are we taking enormously huge gambles when solutions are possible? Indoor operations would provide the needed isolation. This means that we need the Ice Age Renaissance now,"

"Isn't that obvious?" I interrupted Fred. "We would have had indoor agriculture eons ago, with corresponding self-contained livestock operations, if mankind hadn't wasted the last three thousand years fighting wars in the name of empire with the goal to prevent the natural renaissance development of mankind across the world."

Fred nodded. "We now have to make up for this three-thousand-year plunder," he said. "We have tolerated this huge neglect for far too long. We have to accomplish three thousand years of development in a hundred years. This means we have to start soon. Since all of the world's government's have largely become imperial in nature, singing the tune of empire, society itself has to become the driving force to get itself out of this deficiency that it dragged itself into largely by its own folly. The recovery has to begin with society devoting its private resources to it, Peter, out of its love for itself. There is no other way possible that I can see. The governments will be upgraded in due course. They will reflect the direction in which society moves."

"Hell will freeze over before that happens," I said to Fred and laughed. "Tony told us in Berlin that the Principle of Universal Love is from the realm of dreams. If Tony says this, how many others will say this too? I know Tony is wrong, but the evidence doesn't show it. Society will rave about peace and go into ecstasy over it in huge demonstrations, but it won't give a penny. It will only protest. Society usually protests against the effects of its own folly instead of fighting to upgrade its world and resurrect its lost humanity and its love." 

Fred shook his head vigorously. "Peter, society has to take the lead in this as in everything else. There exists no other option. Society is all that we've got. If society fails itself as human beings then we have no hope. No Martians will come riding to the rescue. Society has to set the tone. There is nothing outside of it that will carry its existence. Indeed, it is not the task of government to drag society up to a higher level beyond its present little sense of itself. The task of government is nothing more than to transact the business already laid before it. Leadership in government is not dictatorship. Leadership means living at the leading edge of transacting the constitutional requirements. It is society's task to raise the constitutional requirements to ever-higher levels as it advances itself. If society wants peace and security, it needs to pipe this tune and raise its constitution to those higher levels, and demand obedience to it from its governments. But the driving force has to be society. It has to dance the Royal Dance itself. That's the only way that the murder of 'Carmen' can be prevented. The fact will never change that the world's governments will reflect society's own dimensions, which should be love. Unfortunately its 'love' has become fascism in many ways. This makes our society shamefully rotten, Peter, and deeply in need of healing. Unfortunately, with the current sad response by society to its own needs, lies the lacking security and prosperity that we now suffer as a people, and why we are facing the possible consequence of a collective doom, either by nuclear war, or through famine by blight, or from diseases that become pandemic, or by the potential return of the Ice Age, that society refuses to protect itself against in its smallness, and in its devotion to greed and fascism. Thus I see doom on the horizon since we are already mired in gloom that we don't care to get out of. On the other hand I also see the rising of a new sun on the horizon by the developments that we have become a part of, in the light of which 'Carmen' might not suffer death," said Fred.

"Right now the whole scene stinks," I replied. "Nothing is moving, and I don't really see us making a big difference. Everything has gone stale and is rotting. To be honest, I don't see any movements. We are running like mad, but nobody else is moving an inch. In the direction the world is drifting, society has lost its ability to survive. Sure, all of this can change, Fred, and I sincerely hope it will, but where is the evidence? Where are the new leaders in the hustings that are willing to fulfil the present Constitutional requirements, such as the principle of advancing the general welfare? I agree a shift in focus onto the Principle of Universal Love is possible when society becomes serious in protecting itself and to get its economy to function. As soon as Greed-Based Fascism becomes discredited and Love-Based Economics is put onto the table by society, the world will change. Then we will see meaningful efforts being made in support of raising the platform for peace. But I see no movement on this front. At the very best I see meaningless protest marches, but where is the march of society's dollars, the dollars for peace? There isn't even a trickle of pennies. And where is the march of the voters on election day for peace, and the demand of society that the electoral process isn't rigged and privatized, as it presently is? And where are the society's champions? I see the hustings empty, except for the fondi's men. The field is left wide open for the fondi's men to bring in their bankers and their fascists, and their religious fundamentalists, and whoever else wants to loot and build an empire and start wars. That's the way the world looks right now, Fred, and all that I can say is that hell will freeze over before society will lift a finger to protect its existence. I didn't want to say this to Steve, but it looks more that way now than ever."

"Isn't that what I said?" said Fred. "Society has to set the tune for the world it wants to live in. That's the key. But you are a part of the key, Peter. You are a part of society. Don't complain. Look at the tip of your finger. Who does it point to?"

"You mean me?" I said.

"Of course I mean you," said Fred. "You are the gem, the light, and the leader. And you truly are that, as are Steve, Ushi, and all of us. Who but you would lay down ninety grand for a single idea to uplift society, and for a crazy idea at that, which was way off the chart of what seemed rational. But you have made a difference with it. You stood in the hustings on countless occasions that I can name and encouraged people to follow you. Perhaps you didn't make speeches as politicians do, standing in the hustings making wild promises. You delivered without making speeches. Maybe you didn't proceed always in the wisest manner, but you are learning just as all of us are. Also don't forget what happened in the desert with Ushi and you piping a new tune there. Sure, you failed to carry this tune through the hearing afterwards, but I don't blame you for that. We are on pioneering territory where every step is a big step. In fact I don't blame you for being discouraged when you see yourself standing largely alone, with but a few friends at your side. This tells me only that you have to make it your goal to multiply your base a thousand-fold and then a thousand-fold again, and bring society on board. It is easy to be discouraged when you are on pioneering territory. Many a pioneer has felt discouraged, but they have all pressed on. So, press on, Peter, and don't ever give up on society, because that's all we've got. If we don't look out for ourselves as a society, meaning that we look out for one-another, who will look out for us? There is no one else. There are no Martians that we can call on to rescue us from our folly. We've got one another, and that's all we've got, and that's the best there is, worthy to be enveloped with our love from the riches of our heart."

Fred stopped walking at this point and looked at his watch and began to laugh. "Our award money to Steve will proof him wrong by a trifle," he said and began to grin.

Fred started to walk again. "All right then, Pete, can you answer me why we haven't gotten anywhere yet? What essential element have we not been focusing on in our efforts to elevate society?"

"I suppose we didn't get moving, because of our still continuing isolation from one another, and our self-isolation," I said. "The hard part of the answer is how to break the habit."

Fred began to smile. "Steve requested that I ask you one more question. Who did you expect to step forward for the rescue, when you and Heather were moving towards that impasse during the Key West days, which forced her into self-isolation? You knew what you were facing. You both did. You both knew it from the first day on. Who did you expect to resolve the impasse for you that finally came to a head at the SandCastle? Steve said that you and Heather had both isolated yourselves from one-another on that question? He said that you had never talked about it. He also said that this is just about the mildest case of self-isolation that he could think of."

"But Fred, if this is the mildest case," I replied, "we haven't even begun to address anything yet, because the impasse between me and Heather hasn't been fully resolved yet, has it? It still lingers on. It has changed its dimension. It has become more complex."

Fred just grinned, but he didn't say anything.

"Oh what a fool I have been not to address the problem the moment when the isolation began," I said quietly. "We might have resolved this little problem right then. Indeed, Heather had a better sense of what needed to be focused on than I had in this situation, but this too wasn't enough. She wrote to me in her letter, 'If we had found gold together, the whole world would have congratulated us. Instead we have found something better, we have found each other, but this the world despises.' Yes Fred, we should have talked about this isolation that we allowed to build up and should have dealt with it. It wouldn't have been easy, but so what? Instead, we isolated ourselves from one-another more and more. I can only hope that Heather can forgive me some day for having allowed this to happen. I should have taken the responsibility to prevent the isolation. This is also where the whole world has failed, hasn't it?"

"Why don't you fix the problem now with Heather?" said Fred and began to laugh. "And while you're at it, fix it for all of us too, and for the whole world." Fred added that all I need to do is stop the isolation and get people to support one-another. "It's as simple as that, right?" Then Fred changed his tone and said quietly. "Admiral Rickover was right. Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Fred laughed after saying this and kept on laughing and laughing as if he had just cracked the biggest joke of the day. People kept looking at us, wondering. Then he repeated those words that the Admiral has been so fond of. "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

"Without Love-Based Economics society is doomed," I added.

"Doesn't that also apply to you and Heather?" Fred asked. "Isolation is a collapse of the economy of love. Sometimes this happens before it really gets going. The same applies also to society as a whole."

Here Fred began to laugh again. "Tell me Peter, where is this march of the dimes and the dollars that you spoke of, reflected in your case, becoming manifest in a march of hugs and kisses intertwined with joy? Where is the Royal Dance that we should see being danced to the tune of joy?"

The only thing that Fred didn't throw back at me was my earlier saying that hell would freeze over before we would see anything change. He obviously felt that I was mistaken about that and that I was beginning to recognize it, finally.

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