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Designed for mastering the Ice Age Challenge
Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer


The Super Site is made up of 5 parts

Part 1: Six categories of videos, online, with transcripts

Part 2: A special presentation for an overall perspective

Part 3: Non-video Presentations, Books, Audio Books, Stories






Part 4: Master indexes of videos and audio books

INDEXES for all online videos and audios, 
with links to TRANSCRIPTS

Ice Age

war - diminishment




Part 5:

Other (major) comprehensive indexes



The Ice Age Super Site is a composite of all major research efforts by Rolf Witzsche that had had previously been spread access 4 different websites. The resulting new site is made up of over 40,000 individual files with a combined size of over 45 GB.  The site was made possible by new advances in H264-MP4 compression technology that enables over 100 of my exploration videos to be presented in high definition 720x1280 format directly playable online, and to be downloadable for theater presentations.

The "Dialogs" videos and audio books are of a unique type of science exploration - a high level type of exploration of the social dimension translated into fictional stories in my novels. Some 'critical' stories are presented as stand-alone videos and in the form of audio books. In the videos the stories are not acted out, but are presented as a storyteller would against the background of unrelated photography that invites the imagination to seek its own space. The stories, mostly in the form of dialogs, are designed to inspire greater freedoms in society, from controlling axioms. The development of an uplifted sense of humanity is a critical component for meeting the Ice Age Challenge, if not the most critical one of them all. 

The Super Site is the result of more than 30 years of work. It is presented for free as a contribution towards the brighter world that we have the power within us to create and thereby have an endless future that not even the ice ages can prevent.

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