One More Day

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The morning before 


Lead-in (Background and setup for the exploration)

An old man stood up next, with bushy white hair. He looked around the room silently. It appeared that most people knew him. Without saying a word he took his cane and came forward towards the Man of The Cloth. He produced an old leather book from his pocket. "This is a Bible," he said and showed it to the Man of The Cloth. He opened it and turned to him. "The man whose cloak you wear standing before us, says this:" he began to read. "Which of you shall have a friend, and shall go unto him at midnight, and say unto him, Friend, lend me three loaves; for a friend of mine in his journey is come to me, and I have nothing to set before him? And he from within shall answer and say, Trouble me not: the door is now shut, and my children are with me in bed; I cannot rise and give thee. - I say unto you, Though he will not rise and give him, because he is his friend, yet because of his importunity he will rise and give him as many as he needeth." 

The old man paused and turned the page and continued reading: "What man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?"

The old man paused again and clothed the book. "Now this is a peculiar thing that I hear in arguments about the beach project, pro and con," he said to the Man of The Cloth. "The people that propose the nudist beach project propose to meet a human need. The basic fact of our humanity is that we are all human beings, and as such we are sexual beings with sexual needs, otherwise we wouldn't be here at all. So they propose that we take a tiny step towards meeting the sex-related human need. We have heard that 25,000 people in a city in Canada found that such a beach is meeting their need. The same is offered now to us, and immediately the people who are making this offer are being attacked by us as they were scum. They were not asking for much, and in return we set their soul on fire. What happened to the question of the master Christian: What man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? The church does indeed give a stone for bread and a serpent for fish. We've all done this for ages upon ages. There was a time when the church killed people even for the crime of loving, when their love for each other wasn't authorized, when love became expressed in sexual intimacies on a level above the social marriage bond. The whole community was in such cases put in charge to throw stones on the transgressors until they would die from the injuries inflicted by their own community. I cannot imagine the terrorism that had been unleashed. The church had ruled with terror. The people were seeking love and the church gave them death and struck terror in the heart of everyone else. The same response was given to Christ Jesus. He came to society with love and healing, and the church cried before Pilate, "crucify him, crucify him." The cross that he bore is the cross of terror, and that is what now adorns every Christian church throughout the world, the cross of terror. We've seen the cross of terror in many shapes and sizes since it became the emblem of Christianity. We have seen it as the cross of the crusades and as the cross of Thomas Torquemada as we just heard. We have also seen it as the cross of Joseph de Maistre that became the cross of Adolf Hitler, as has just been said. And it was the same cross, beneath which the city of Dresden was burned. All that the people in this city had needed was one more day. I was there. We were denied that one single day. Then the war would have ended. We were given the finger instead, a hell that no one can describe. One more day, that's all that we had needed. The Allied forces were less than fifty miles away on one side and thirty miles on the other. After six years of living under Nazi terror the end was in sight. We needed one more day to be free. We were given fire instead. Half a million people didn't see that day, that they had hoped for.

"I hear that the actual target wasn't the city itself," said the old man. "Dresden was destroyed in order to terrorize Russia into surrendering its sovereignty in the postwar period to the rule and might of the British Empire. The atomic bombs had been designed for that purpose, but they hadn't been ready, and wouldn't be ready for another half a year while the war in Europe was rapidly coming to an end. Dresden was chosen for a substitute hell under the Christian cross. The murder of this city was an act of intention by the church called empire. The murder of Dresden was cold, premeditated murder, a type of civil murder without rage. I have a photograph hanging on my office wall to prove it. It's a group photo of three men who had posed together at the end of the Yalta Conference. The three men were the leaders of the three power blocks of the world. The man in the middle was the leader of the USA. His gaze in the photograph is that of a man worried over an uncertain future. To his left sat the leader of the Soviet Union. His gaze is that of a man who has learned from harsh experience not to be moved by anything. Far to the right sat the ruling puppet of the greatest and only private empire on the planet, the empire that the American leader had vowed to eliminate in the postwar period. The empire's man is seen in the photograph with the smirk on his face, like a man who had a grand surprise planned that would alter the world. He smiled with a satisfaction that he knew no one could deprive him of. Within just days from the time the photograph was taken, Dresden burnt by his orders. The burning of those half a million people became a turning point that ushered in a new era in which the world became colder. Less than a months later a quarter of the city of Tokyo was destroyed in a single bombing run in which 267,000 buildings were demolished, 100,000 people were killed, and 125,000 wounded. And less than half a year after that, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were erased by the command of another puppet of the same empire, from the same church of inhumanity. It ushered in an ice-cold landscape of terror in the old tradition of empire that now remains frozen to the very day in the name of God.

"Right," said the old man. "Those days were days of war of course, and in war the humanity of civilization is suspended. War gives people a holiday from their humanity, a holiday from love. That's what we are told. But that's a lye, and we all know it. This horrible war has been officially over for decades, but the suspension of our humanity and civilization continues. The Christian cross now looms above a world that's rife with genocide. This time not just a city is being sacrificed, but a whole continent. The continent of Africa is being sacrificed under the blanket of the American document, NSSM200, that became policy in 1975. Under this blanket many Third World countries are slated for genocide. The argument is that their natural resources belong to the owners of empire. It is said by the owners that if the people living there were allowed to develop, they would use their resources up for themselves. Thus the policy of genocide was imposed. The DDT ban, which kills a million people each year in Africa alone, is a tiny part of this plot.

"And so the cross of terror is destroying the world today. But it real face is money," said the old man. "There are two basic economic systems existing in the world today, which are opposites of each other. One of these is the private money system. The other is the federal credit system. The private money system fulfills the needs of society to some degree. Under its rule, the people that ask for bread get bread, but with it they get a millstone hung around their neck and become slaves to the private money system. Under this system, for example, for each barrel of oil that is sold, which costs a dollar to pump out of the ground, society is forced to pay forty dollars. And soon the price will be twice that. That's what exemplifies the imperial money system, which is a fascist system, a system of money invented for profit by stealing from society around the world. The opposite system is the federal credit system. Here the focus isn't on money wealth, but on society extending to itself financial credits to built the industries and infrastructures which create the real wealth of society. Under this system, the people who ask for bread, get bread, and more of it than they ask. They are given the means to have bread for all times to come, without having to ask again. They will ask for love and be given it abundantly. Sexual love appears to fall into this category, too."
The old man began to laugh. "Herein lies the peculiar thing," he said. "If sexual intimacies are bought commercially for a fee, provided by sex slaves, or professionals as they are now called, the priesthood has no objections since some of the greatest of them rely on those 'services' themselves. But if it is offered at no cost on a basis of love to meet a human need, then all hell breaks loose. Love is not allowed. The terrorism of the cross exists to deny love. What we need is a healing from that. We need to heal the terror and denial. The city of Dresden has already been rebuilt. Its wounds have been largely healed. The terror in Africa may some day stop too, and the continent may be rebuilt as well, for which a global effort is required. But most of all we need to heal the cross. We need to heal it of the terror that has been attached to it, which it now signifies. We need to turn the symbol of the cross into a symbol of universal love, because the master Christian has overcome the cross with love. This healing requires that we welcome all forms of love; that we welcome even the smallest step forward in embracing one-another in love more fully; which the nudist beach proposal is evidently designed for. It's only one small step; one tiny step. We should welcome this step. I have seen too many bombs dropped onto people. I am sick of it. We should welcome love. It is sad that our learned representative of The Cloth is incapable of love. It is my hope therefore, for our friend of The Cloth, and for us, that this inability too, may be healed some day in the flow of the healing of the cross."

The old man returned to his seat after that and sat down.

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