Mirror on the Wall

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche



Mirror, mirror, on the wall
who is the fairest
of then all? 


Lead-in (Background and setup for the exploration)


"I have something to add," I said out loud. With my hand raised I said that I had a question for the man of Jesus, the anti-Valentine man. "You are a great puzzle to me," I said to him. "I can understand the Man of the Old Cloth, but I cannot understand you. I understand the nature of old religion, which has not developed for three thousand years, which has remained small and imperial and therefore essentially fascist in nature. The old religion has not yet healed itself to become a bastion of the Principle of Universal Love. But you represent the new type of evangelical development. You claim to represent progress. You claim to bring to the table what we have missed for thousands of years. You claim to represent the very fundamental element of Christianity. This means you should be representing the Principle of Universal Love that Christ Jesus stood on. But you don't. Love is foreign to you. The Christ principle isn't even on the horizon for you. The new fundamentalism of Christianity that you represent has turned out to be smaller and dirtier. You have moved backwards. What you represent is worse than what one expects to find in the sewers. There is not a shred of humanity left in anything that you said. Could you please explain why I am puzzled. Am I missing something?"

The man stood up and smiled. "Please forgive me," he said, "and I mean all of you. I am a professional actor, but I have not been reading a script. I have been reading to you the future. I have come from a place more than a thousand miles away. You may call it Worldover. We are all over the world trying to wake people up and get them to look at where they are going. We launched a new type of church to expose the dangers of abused and runaway religion, to expose the twisted fundamentalism that covers up the truth, a religion that comes to light as primitivism. I presented you a satire. A friend informed me that a rare, leading edge experiment would be debated at this hearing, something that religious fundamentalism has been created in modern times to counter and prevent. For many ages religion has been used as a tool to destroy advancing perceptions. The process is an ancient trick. It was first developed by the Venetian Empire to destroy the Golden Renaissance in Europe. The first speaker proved me right that this ancient trick has been developed into a fine art. As a professional actor of literary tragedy I have become deeply involved also in the art of portraying trends that people see and hear about, but don't want to see, because it is easier to stick with the old conventions. Shakespeare's Hamlet was such a man. He knew the task that he had to fulfill to uphold justice and protect his nation from an invading force. But he didn't lift a finger. The religious fundamentalism that I projected was Hamlet. I gave you Hamlet the fool. Everything that I said is to some degree already in public thought.

 Shakespeare's Hamlet is a great literary tragedy, because the tragic figure isn't Hamlet as it appears at first glance, who dies in the end as the result of his folly. No, the tragic figure was society that had not enough love for itself to protect itself from the folly that led to its ultimate destruction as no one had countered the invaders. So I have collected the pieces of our modern religious folly into a form of satire to tell you what the future holds if we follow that path that has already been established and has become a universal highway to hell. The mentality that I portrayed has been implanted into the minds of society by evil elements operating in secret, imperial elements, fascist elements, elements of greed, power, but devoid of love. Of course the new religious fundamentalism is not intended to be progressively unfolding. It is a political project designed to make everything that is human appear small, and cheap, and primitive, so that our society can be reduced to a bunch of cattle or slaves that are motivated by primitive rules and brute force and with no human elements left in the equation. This is the role that the new fundamentalisms have been designed to fulfill, be they called Islamic fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentalism, Christian fundamentalism, Buddhist fundamentalism, or whatever. They are formed as a movement to destroy the foundation of civilization, to create a world without love, without humanity, an empty fascist world of greed. I wanted you to see what this world looks like that is the future that everybody is trying to cover up until it becomes irreversible. This future began with the Ark of Crisis policy by which Islamic fundamentalism was created to become a battering ram against the Soviet Union. Afghanistan was destroyed in the process. American institutions with noble sounding names have dragged unsuspecting people, mostly young people, into this politically motivated Islamic fundamentalism. Many of them were but kids that didn't have the foggiest idea what Islam really represents, nor do they know now. But they all fell into line with the script that was given them, and the Soviet Union was defeated thereby. At least in Afghanistan it was defeated. With this rebirth of religious insanity on a scale with historic dimensions, a new page was opened that is destined to become bloodied with religious wars for a hundred years to come. These are all empire wars, perpetual wars, wars that one cannot win. They are not designed to be won. They can only be defused.

"The beach people proposed that people should have a chance to see themselves as human beings. Since this proposal would likely be rejected out of hand I had no choice but to come here and show you what religion has been set up to become. The anti-Valentine project is real. It is not my project. It is an organized religious project under the banner of cultural freedom. Love has been banned in our world and turned into games. The focus is no longer placed on our humanity, but on the trivial, on narrow concerns. Sadly, no one objected to what I have said, except one person. This hall should have been exploding with outrage. Everyone here should have been standing up against me, like the courageous Jewish girl did. But you all remained silent, just as everybody in the whole world remains silent. That's a tragedy, friends. Since the world remains silent, this type of project will be carried forward. And why shouldn't it be carried forward when nobody will dare to stand in the way? The projected outcome for the future is that there will be no universal love, and no love at all, only a duty-bound adoration of Jesus in a religion that thereby becomes irrelevant. In this game of banning the love for one another as human beings, and this being carried out openly in the name of countless excuses, the bombing of an enemy, the adoring an idol, or whatever, causes us to loose the most precious thing we have, our humanity. And this is, what this is all about. Once the process has been established the name of the idol can be replaced by the rulers of society at will, at their choosing. Indeed, they have a long list already prepared, with enemies to match their profile as required for the chosen purpose.

"About the Middle East, what I said is true. What I said has been proposed in essence many times already, by countless people and for numerous reasons, to simply nuke them all. And by all accounts this kind of rage exists on all sides of the divisions that have been built up to keep the wars smoldering. Empire means perpetual war. In the grinding down of our humanity many opportunities develop for carrying out the intent that aid the advance of empires. To some degree the largely politically induced racial and religious rage that we now see is already being exploited as a powerful force that demands acts of terror. And strangely, even in this very hall not one person has criticized me when I spoke about, nuking them! Why didn't anybody protest? Obviously, what I said was not foreign to anybody's world. Therefore, believe me the nukes will follow in due course when society continues to behave in its small-minded closed-off mentality. You may not be aware of this, but mini-nukes are already on the terrorist scene and have been tested. They are no longer just an element of the future. They are already here. The last one that was used in a terrorist attack, killed 200 people, and believe me, the neutron bomb is not far away. The neutron bomb is but a mini nuke that has its pit surrounded with deuterium fluoride. God only knows how many of those already exist and in whose hands.

"So, who is playing the religious fundamentalist game in this case, by not fighting for a human world with a human environment in which we look at one another as human beings just as the beach people propose? Why isn't anybody talking about the royalty of mankind as Christ Jesus once did two thousand years ago, in terms of an invariable truth. Why isn't this truth raised as the only platform we have for stopping this religious and racial rage of insanity? We cannot win when we replace the platform of our humanity and its principles with the platform of force.

It is sad that only one person in this hall recognized that I left the key element of civilization out of my religious diatribe. Only one person spoke up, pointing out to me that I had been trashing the Christ by glorifying the messenger without saying one word about the Christ itself. I kept my mouth shut about the spiritual idea of the divinity of mankind that the messenger represented. Of course, had I spoken the truth the very idea of nuking anybody would then become unthinkable. And that is why the truth about the royalty of the human being is kept carefully hidden, but needs to be spoken.

"I hoped that you might also have been disgusted with me about this insane notion of selling our children to the church, or for that matter to any institution or ideology. Unfortunately, this is precisely what we are doing in real life all over the world. We have become disciples of Adam Smith, and we do indeed sell our children rather cheaply I might add, for just a few pennies in financial profit. We have created a world in the name of greed in which our children have no hope. We have scrapped our industries for this modern religion of greed, and we are destroying our education system, our health-care system, our transportation infrastructures, our water infrastructures, our family farms, our energy supply systems, and soon when the whole thing goes pop, we will have nothing left. This is the future we have prepared for our children and continue to prepare, a future without hope. That's the face of our collective 'religious' fundamentalism by which we have become reduced to creatures of greed. I was going to tell you earlier in my metaphorical church story that we encourage the parents to just drop off their children at a booth behind the front gate, sign the papers right there, and receive their payment. I would have told you that the children would them be trained as missionaries to sell Bibles in foreign lands, or as the Dalites in India are used, to become engaged in the honorable trade of toilette cleaning.

"That's not a joke, friends. What hope does the new generation have in a world that is disintegrating, that is without industries, jobs, and homes, or without parents in the home so that the children can be cared-for? Why is nobody demanding that we fulfill our children's needs and create a world in which they and their posterity can live and prosper? I have heard it said that we are facing the next Ice Age in a hundred years in which agriculture will be devastated unless we begin now to create the infrastructures for indoor agriculture. But what do I see as a response? I see nothing. Who gives a hoot about our children? Nobody does. I created this story of satire as a mirror so that you can see yourself, and the cold religious fundamentalism that you all embrace to some degree."

The anti-Valentine actor sat down.

PS: At the time the novel was written, the evidence had not been discovered that places the start of the next Ice Age into the 2050s timeframe, with the Sun going active, which causes all northern countries to become rapidly uninhabitable. We are indeed selling our children at the booth by not building the infrastructures for continued living in an Ice Age world. - What will it take to get us out of our 'easy chair' and start the building for the future?

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