Love Letters - Love Festivals

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche



When it becomes too hard to speak face to face,  though love demands that the dialog continues, the conversation unfolds in the form of letters and deeds.  When an impasse is centered on deep aspects of the challenge of freedom, a new form of dialog is required to master the otherwise impossible.

 When the challenge is finally met, the result becomes a festival of joy that raises the platform of love to a higher level. It becomes a love festival.

The fictional result that unfolds in a story set in Russia where a love festival is achieved, mirrors a similar type of love festival that the American society had staged for itself, a festival of an unfolding love for its humanity that became expressed in the Apollo Moon Landing Project, a project that had inspired the world with an uplifted sense of love for its own universal humanity. The Apollo project may some day be called America's greatest demonstration of human freedom in modern time.

While this freedom was soon lost again, as the chokehold of empire was accepted anew, which choked the historic achievement, the Apollo success still stands as a guiding star in the Dark Age that followed, that promises a new dawn ahead with a brighter renaissance than that in which the star was born, which is also reflected in my sequence of novels.

The dialog of the love letters comprises Chapter 15 of my novel, Seascapes and Sand, of the epic series, The lodging for the Rose. The title of the chapter is, Love Letters.

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