A House United: The Virtual Church

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The house of God is one, as God is One:

The portal is the virtual reading room and church, a step towards the 'Church Universal' rooted in our universal humanity. 


A house united

A king came to judge the people. In a biblical allegory the king separated the assembled into two groups. He praised the group on the right, explaining that thy had earned the honour, because when he was hungry they gave him food; and thirsty, and they gave him drink; and a stranger, and they took him in; and naked, they clothed him; when sick, the visited him; and in prison, and they came unto him. They were astonished, saying that this never happened. The King answered that this has happened indeed, because in as much as they had done these things to the least in the kingdom, which he referred to as his brothers, they had done these things to him. (Matt. 25:34-45)

In the allegory, Christ Jesus presented the divine Principle in which man is one, as God is One. The political reflection, becomes the platform for the General Welfare Principe. That's the principle of civilization, prosperity, and peace. It is the principle of participation in the divine process. Is is the principle that works.

Then the king turned to the group on the left and said in essence, "You have not done any of these things, have you? You were too high-minded to participate in what defines your universal humanity. You have created yourself a hollow world in you will die without ever having lived. Your faces have no name attached in the register of heaven, as if you were never born. No evidence is found in the land that your brother-man was raised to higher ground by you having existed." 

The story is told in a more-ancient language of course, but the message was clear, that House of God is united by the divine process of serving one-another, meeting the human need, brightening the world.

The Universal Church

Mary Baker Eddy wrote in the opening pages of her Church Manual (p.19), that the church she envisioned is designed to reflected in some degree the Church Universal and Triumphant. The terms can have many meanings. One meaning can be, universally available and triumphant over limitation. One expression could be, a universally available virtual Church, and a universally available virtual reading room. 

With the Christian Science field shrinking and the churches and reading rooms becoming fewer, with larger distances to get to them, and increasing transportation costs adding to the limiting factors, access to Christian Science churches and reading rooms becomes increasingly limited thereby. Modern technology in communication can overcome some of these limits and open up access to critical services at any place and at any time, and to anyone.

In this context I am offering a virtual reading room that is not bounded by time and location, but is open aground the clock and is accessible everywhere, where the internet is accessible.

The Virtual Reading Room

I am providing all of Mary Baker Eddy's books online for free in a virtual (non-physical) reading room on the internet. I am also providing the complete Bible and the first set of Bible Lessons that Mary Baker Eddy has pioneered in 1898 (See the virtual reading room: Mary Baker Eddy Christian Science). 

With this online service I am providing a facility that bridges the great gap between the rich and the poor, and the close and the distant. The facility that functions as a virtual reading room is accessible anywhere, anytime, and is as close as the telephone. Most modern portable phones have internet access capability. And for the people without them, most Libraries and Community Centers provide free internet access to anyone. Even a person's poverty or homelessness is no longer a barrier.

With the now widely available internet access, the virtual reading room facility makes the Christian Science textbook accessible almost anywhere. This is especially critical when critical situations arise. The same access is available for the Bible, Prose Works, Christ and Christmas, the Christian Science Hymns, the Church Manual, and a complete set of Bible Lessons. Should you be searching for a word, a phrase, or inspiration? Its instantly available almost anywhere, whenever the need may arise, be it on the bus, on the beach, in a class room, at work, and so on. 

The virtual reading room facility also makes the textbook searchable, in two different ways. The link, "Ask Mary Baker Eddy" links one to an index page of all the subheadings (the marginal headings) in the textbook. The headings are thereby searchable with the internet browser. The headings are preceded with a clickable link to the text associated with the subheading. The "Ask Mary Baker Eddy" facility puts a thousand topics at your fingertip. With the virtual reading room, the telephone can become a spiritual research center that is always open, 24 hours a day, and at almost any place. In addition, PDF facility allows one to search the entire textbook directly online. The textbook is available in PDF form. Most PDF readers have search facilities built in. 

Further in addition, the textbook is available also in audio form in the virtual reading room, and so are all books by Mary Baker Eddy except Miscellany and Miscellaneous Writings. The audio books play directly, and are downloadable for playing on a MP3 player.

The Virtual Church

The principle that "man is one, as God is One," as I said in the beginning,  is reflected in the General Welfare Principe that the USA, as a nation, is founded on. The nation will prosper by this process of participating in the divine design, or will collapse itself without it, as will humanity as a whole.  No one, and no nation, stands apart from the divine dynamics. I have built my church on this principle, and I am giving it expression as widely as possible with my virtual reading room facility. I am even providing a virtual church home in this manner, that is accessible anywhere in the world and by anyone, from the kings to the homeless, and from distant villages to the mega-metropolises. Thereby the church home is as near as the local library and community center, and wherever internet access is provided to all people. The link to the virtual church facility is "Morning Prayer Hymns." It presents music, hymns, the Lord's Prayer, and the 1898 Bible Lessons.

As I said in the beginning, there is a need unfolding for accessible reading room services and church services in a landscape in which the traditional Christian Science reading rooms and churches have become fewer and thus have become increasingly more distant for evermore people. I am providing the needy as for the wealthy, free access to the most precious we have, together with access to the most-leading-edge physical science of the type that the Christian Science Monitor will publish one day, of physical dynamics that affect our world and our very existence, and our responses to them in which we are one, with a common responsibility to meet the universal human need. (See: Ice Age Science).

In this context, for as long as there are persons in the landscape of civilization who lack the means to pay, or even lack the means to eat and have a home, my gift for their uplifting must be free. In this context I am providing every aspect of my own work for free. In truth, we are one in love. No matter who we are or where we may be, we are people of a common humanity and a common universal human soul in all fundamental aspects. And so it must be, as we reflect God, Soul, which is is singular, born out in our individual ways.

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