Healing a House Divided Against Itself

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


A house divided against itself cannot stand, 

like a house built on sand. 


That's ancient wisdom. But will we heed it? What we call civilization has become a house divided against itself by countless forms of division: division in politics; division in the science; division in religion; ethnic division; social division; economic division - and the house is splitting at its seams. It is in the process of coming down. It can still be rescued. But will we do it? Healing is required in each one of these arenas, but is anyone even interested? 

In imperial economics the deep split between poverty and riches is hailed, as poverty corrupts the victims to become willing slaves, which opens the door to greater profits. When efforts are made to bridge the gap, the economy is said to be "overheating" and measures are imposed to restore the profitable poverty.

In politics wars are ignited to prevent the development of competing nations, and more so when the ruling monetarism has ground itself into dust. Thus it seeks restage the world in the shadow of chaos to rebuilt its looting systems and continue for another season. Was has always been fought for this type of reason. Artificial divisions and tensions are created and paraded to hide the real reason. 

In the broad sweep of history, World War II, for example, served no other purpose than the purpose of empire. The British World Empire was challenged by progressive developments being started all over the place, especially in Europe and in Russia. Consequently the sewer of empire desired Russia and much of Europe to be destroyed as competing force. Hitler offered himself as willing stooge to this sewer. Though he was defeated standing for election, he was richly financed by the West to grab power by means of a coalition, to get the job done. 

There has never been a war started that has elevated a people and enriched society. Nor was war ever intended to so. The American Revolutionary War, for example, was not a war started for freedom and independence. Freedom and independence had been established prior to the war, with the politically established Declaration of Independence. War was brought to America, subsequently, to crush it. World War I was similarly thrust upon Europe for much of the same reason. It could have ended much sooner. Germany had gained control and had offered an honourable peace. But peace was not allowed. The USA was dragged into the war on the strings of deceptions and lies, for the empire to have its victory. On this path the war was extended till the destruction was complete. 

Some historians suggest that World War II, likewise could have ended much sooner, but was instead artificially dragged out until the atom bomb could be demonstrated with its hugely terrorizing effect that would define the postwar period. The rulers of the game were not interested in peace, but were guided by the imperial policy of perpetual war.

The policy of perpetual war continued to the present day. It still stands as the general policy objective of the system of empire. The global threat of nuclear war is the continuation of this policy of fostering division and perpetual war. The 'official' (deceptive) term for it, is "Balance of Power." 

Many religions have been caught up in these balance of power games, the games of perpetual war, from ancient times to the present, often without even knowing that they have become victims in the larger games. One glaring example is found in the history of the Christian Science organization. 

How does one break a giant who stands for peace, to serve the objective to extend war? The answer is, one turns the giant against itself. That's a policy built into the doctrine of "Balance of Power," which really means, disabling a great power by creating division within, which all by itself turns the factions against one another. This is the long-standing fundamental game that is pursued by systems of empire. The game has been practiced probably for as long as empires existed. It would be surprising if the game hadn't been applied against the Christian Science field in some fashion, as soon as an opportunity could be created to do so. 

It is a fact of history that greatest period of peace and prosperity that the world has experienced in the last few hundred years, coincides almost exactly with the 44 years of the discovery and founding of Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy in America. The years of this period of peace and prosperity began in 1866 and continued slightly past her death in December 1910. It was as if the train of horrors had stopped in 1866, and had remained stopped until after her death, and then started rolling again under the old motto of perpetual war. And it became perpetual war - the worst series of war and destruction in history.

While Mary Baker Eddy was far in advance of her time as a spiritually active force in the world, no empiric evidence can be constructed that links her causatively with the period of peace. The peace may have had many causes. Nevertheless, the possibility that some form of link may have existed can also not be ignored, especially if one considers that her discovery of scientific mental healing had sparked a far-flung church moment throughout the land, within her time, all built on healing, with branches spreading out into many countries. The fast expanding healing movement must have been seen as a threat to the dogs of war. Thus, they evidently acted fast to disable it, and to destroy it in due course.

The John Doorly period

In the years after World War I, leading up the World War II, one of the most respected, advanced, and experienced English Christian Science healer and teacher, a man named John Doorly (1878-1950), who had a one time served on the Christian Science Board of Directors, and for a times as a lecturer in many lands, sensed that a 'great evil' was brewing in the political background at this time. He felt that the growing danger required a more deeply scientific approach to applying Mary Baker Eddy's work, in order that the danger may be effectively countered. He terminated his lecture work in 1929, evidently for this reason, and devoted his full-time effort to advanced scientific work in Christian Science. 

Had Doorly's effort succeeded, as it should have, World War II could have been prevented. Mary Baker Eddy had demonstrated that the world can be spared this pain. War can be prevented. The mental landscape can be uplifted to humanity's native platform, its freedom to love reflecting divine Love. This active participation in the divine process didn't happen. Hate happened. The path to healing was blocked. The giant that could have stayed the hand of fascism and prevented the war, was instead inspired into a rage of war against itself. 

It appears that initially, John Doorly may have succeeded too well. His work promised to endanger the plans of empire. The normal response of empire, in such cases, is to crush or otherwise disable an opposing power by whatever means may apply. This appears to have been the case in Doorly case. With slander instigated against him, the path of 'love against war' became blocked. Of course, to 'protect' the war itself once it was under way, in its early stages, around 1942, while Doorly was working in London, his name and his work became severely slandered. It might have been a flood of slander. When the slander reached Boston, there too, as if it had been orchestrated beforehand, an 'orgy' of relentless persecution erupted. Slander is typically built on misrepresentation, often involving mere gossip. Thus, with the giant that the Christian Science church and field could have been to prevent war, became effectively disabled by its own internal war, and as a consequence World War II succeeded to its bitter end with the desired destruction accomplished.

It is unknown what effect on the war dynamics, John Doorly may have had, or could have had, had the internal war against him not festered at the very core of Christian Science.

To the best of my knowledge John Doorly was eventually excommunicated in around 1946m from the church that he had served all his life.  He died four years later in 1950. His excommunication had the additional effect that it extended the persecution-war far beyond his death. It extended it to the point that those who read his books to the present day are labelled "dissidents." And there were many to whom this label applied, who were impressed by Doorly's advanced perception, who moved with his discoveries. 

John Doorly himself, never formed an organization of his own. However, as a result of his breakthrough work, many progressive developments occurred along the line of exploring the underlying science that makes Christian Science healing the powerful force it has the power to be.

A Dr, Max Kappeler - PHD in Economics from Switzerland - was among those who were inspired by his work. He joined the small group of Doorly's research 'team' in 1938 and remained with Doorly till the War broke out. Years after the war, in 1948, after a successful business carrier of his own, Dr. Kappeler devoted himself for the next 56 years, full time to the practice of Christian Science applying the concepts he had discovered with Doorly. The work included conducting classes based on Doorly's work. He taught in Germany, Switzerland, England, the USA, and wrote books on the subjects. He also inherited the persecution that was attached to Doorly's name.

Nor did the persecution against Kappeler stop, when his teaching stopped with his death in 2002. Whenever Christian Scientists read his books, or other books based on his work and the work of Doorly, they become labelled "dissidents" to the present day and are treated accordingly.

The irony is that the work of Dooly and Kappeler isn't vastly revolutionary. John Doorly had discovered only a tiny fraction of what Mary Baker Eddy had put in place to be discovered. He had discovered that Mary Baker Eddy's textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, is made up of 16 chapters, and that therefore a relationship exists between the topics of the chapters, and the concept of the City of God that John the Revelator had presented as an aspect of science, in the last pages of the Bible. 

John Doorly explored the connection he saw with the City of God, though he didn't use this term, and worked quite a few years to discover the significance of it. He also wondered if a connection exists between the seven days of creation, or seven stages of creation, presented in Genesis 1, with the seven main synonyms that Mary Baker Eddy's used repeatedly to define God. He may have also been aware that when Mary Baker Eddy added the last chapter, Fruitage to her textbook, in 1906, that she instructed the printer to assure that the book would contain a total of 700 pages, exactly, by this addition. The factor 7 had evidently great significance to her. John Doorly put the various facts together and explored what results from it. He made great strides by doing so. However, by having touched only the 'tip of the iceberg,' his discoveries, as revolutionary as they were, were vague and stood on a platform that was woefully incomplete, even while it opened the door to advanced scientific discoveries. He had crossed the boundary between doctrine and science that Christian Science itself is founded on, and dared to take a step beyond into the world of scientific progress, which Mary Baker Eddy realized, is "the law of God" (S&H p.233). She had used the term "progress" 100 times in her writings, and had created a rich foundation for it that inspires progress in the unfolding world of science. On the scene of scientific progress, John Doorly can be likened to a child that has dared to take its first steps into a world of as yet unrealized potential, following the light of the Christ. 

It may well be that the persecutions against Doorly by a self-appointed "ecclesiastical board" had prevented further discoveries that might have been made, and had prevented the effect thereof that might have prevented World War II from being artificially extended.

My point is that it was evidently not these people's scientific scientific work, which they were persecuted for, but that they became convenient targets for creating divisions within the church and its movement. Simply put, these people were likely chosen for persecution, simply because they represented the leading edge in their time. The specifics were evidently secondary. Creating a division was evidently the policy. By creating deep division, which is easily done in leading-edge spiritual and philosophic issues, the giant, that Christian Science was at the time, was set up to create its own enemy, with which to collapse itself. The Christian Science field in the USA has subsequently collapsed itself to roughly 7% in numbers of practitioners and nurses, from 1970 on to the present, for which statistics exist. Of course, other factors were obviously also involved to cause the collapse. It is nevertheless possible that the internal division, the house divided against itself, that becomes a house without a foundation, a house built of sand, was the prime trigger for the collapse, and that this disabling from within had had put a lid onto further, significant scientific development. It needs to be stated, however, that the bit of progress that John Doorly has brought to the world has afforded a great deal of help to a great many people that without his breakthroughs would most likely not have occurred.

The second discovery period

More than 30 years would pass,  past the time of Doorly, for the scientific work to start anew that he had faintly begun. The continuation wasn't built on Doorly, however. It happened independently by its own imperative. However, it happened once again in a time of an unfolding severe danger to humanity. This time the danger was the immanent threat of nuclear war. The Cold War had begun in earnest. 

In the immediate postwar years, the western imperial policy had been to wipe the Soviet Union off the map with an irresistible nuclear strike. This horrid plan was spoiled in the 1950s with the Soviet Union developing the hydrogen bomb. From this beginning on, the great race erupted that became the Cold War. The was was built up to evermore horrific death threats against one another. Under the Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine, humanity had 65,000 strategic nuclear bombs hanging over it in 1986, most of them vastly bigger than the Hiroshima bomb had been, all readily deployed in ships, in submarines, in missile silos, and in airplanes.

The second breakthrough in recognizing the dimension of the City of God, being reflected in Mary Baker Eddy's work, occurred in the middle of the build-up of threats in the late 1970s and early 1980s. A professional educator, Howard Meredith, living in North Vancouver, discovered at the time that a number of Mary Baker Eddy's works were created as sets of 16 parts, or multiples thereof, including the glossary of Mary Baker Eddy's textbook. 

The research by Howard Meredith into the Glossary turned out to be amazing. The Glossary came to light as complex of potentially 144 parts and a structure with potentially a 9x16 dimension, depending on some specifics in recognizing dual definitions in the Glossary, of which eventually 5 different types came to light. A great challenge lay before us at this time, to put all the parts together into a comprehensive whole and in a manner that made sense and would enable us to discover the underlying principles. Sometimes a dozen of us, I included, came together in Howard's home, to puzzle out the great challenge that Mary Baker Eddy has evidently placed before us. Those were exiting times, times of momentous continuing discoveries. 

What came out of this scientific work went way beyond what Doorly had touched on. This time the City of God concept that John the Revelator had referred to as a foursquare city descending from God, was recognized as the foundation of everything that Mary Baker Eddy had created. Everything came to light as being built on this foundation. Mary Baker Eddy had referred to it as "The City of our God" in the last subheading of the last chapter of her textbook, immediately prior to the Glossary. 

Under the subheading "The City of our God" Mary Baker Eddy presents the 23rd Psalm with the original term "Lord" replaced with the term, "divine Love." She explains that the substituting replaces the "corporeal sense," with the "incorporeal or spiritual sense of diety."  On the very opposite page of it begins the Glossary - a glossary of significant scriptural terms, which, both in their dimension, and in their characteristic, match precisely that of the nature of the City of God. She provided not one term too many, per category, and not one term too few. She explains that the Glossary contains "the metaphysical interpretation of Bible terms." She brings the conventional into the City of God where it comes to light in the "spiritual sense." 

In terms of the layout that she created for her textbook, the Glossary falls logically under the subheading "The City of our God." As a scientific aspect the Glossary merely continues the pattern that she has presented in terms of an example, for Psalm 23. That the Glossary has the kind of extraordinary nature that is indicated here, becomes evident by her extremely unusual double use of a scriptural text as a heading. The scriptural text is from the last book of the Bible, the book where the City of God concept is introduced as a structure that is laid out foursquare, conveyed from God to humanity. The text that Mary Baker Eddy selected from this book, is from the beginning of it and refers to something termed "the key of David," 

These things saith He that is holy, 
He that is true, 
He that hath the key of David, 
He that openeth, and no man shutteth;
and shutteth, and no man openeth; 
I know thy works:
behold, I have set before thee an open door,
and no man can shut it. - Revelation.

Mary Baker Eddy uses the exact same text twice: once as a headers for the second part of her book, identified as "Key to the Scriptures," which begins on page 500; and then again to head up the Glossary. She referred to the phrase, "key of David," only once in all of her writings, in her Message for 1900 (p.14):

Beloved, let him that hath an ear (that discerneth spiritually) hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; and seek thou the divine import of the Revelator's vision - and no other. Note his inspired rebuke to all the churches except the church in Philadelphia - the name whereof signifies "brotherly love." I call your attention to this to remind you of the joy you have had in following the more perfect way, or Golden Rule: "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye." Let no root of bitterness spring up among you, but hold in your full hearts fervently the charity that seeketh not only her own, but another's good. The angel that spake unto the churches cites Jesus as "he that hath the key of David; that openeth and no man shutteth, and shutteth and no man openeth;" in other words, he that toiled for the spiritually indispensable.

It is interesting that she used the phase, "he that toiled for the spiritually indispensable." The term "toil" doesn't come even close to describe the work we became involved in for bringing her Glossary into the City of God, for which the principles needed to be discovered first, and be tested, and be demonstrated. However, "toil" is the best term to describe the amount of work for the lack of a better term. 

It took us roughly 20 years of work till the 'pen' could laid aside on this project. And those were good years. This is evidently the reason why Mary Baker Eddy described the City of God only in the form of broad outlines. Had she done more, she would have cheated us of the necessary self-development, though she expected that this development would occur. She writes on the first page of the Preface of her textbook: "It is the task of the sturdy pioneer to hew the tall oak and to cut the rough granite. Future ages must declare what the pioneer has accomplished." This sense was conveyed from the 1st Edition on.

As far as I remember, we never talked about nuclear war in our little group during the discussions in exploring Mary Baker Eddy's pioneering concepts related to the City of God. It seems we ere too busy for that. History tells us however, that the nuclear threat subsided quietly in the background in the mid-1980s as a faint start of disarmament had begun. In retrospect, the mid-1980s were the time when the greatest breakthroughs were made by us. 

Howard Meredith took on the task to convey the work to Boston, for the good of the movement. It could have brought new life onto the scene in the field that was already fast fading by then. Howards was received coldly in Boston. The work was rejected. A short time later Howard Meredith was excommunicated from the church. In the resulting atmosphere of tensions, few further advances were made. The term "key of David" became reduced to a term of slander that was widely propagated in the local churches. Which renders the term, to the present day, essentially unusable. 

Slander is a form of mental malpractice. It is not really a force as such, unless one allows it to be. It is more like a "black hole" on the mental horizon that is as much a fairy tale there than is the concept of a clack hole in astrophysics. Both reflect a lack of truth. 

The effect of mental malpractice

I see the scourge of 'mental malpractice' not as someone's personal expression, but simply as a yearning in the soul for a wider sense of love. And for this yearning to be fulfilled, the source is infinite (meaning without limits). 

Mary Baker Eddy herself suffered far-reaching attacks, primarily slander, for her pioneering work. The most-widely circulated attack of mental malpractice against her was carried out in 1907 in the context of a court case registered as the Next Friends suite. The attackers slandered her widely in the press, as being incompetent, though the intention was to claim her property and deprive her of her rights, her status, and her leadership for the church.. 

Since the prime purpose was slander, the technical case itself had no legal merit. As a consequence the case quietly died in the same year it was launched. It was never formally withdrawn. In retrospect, what had happened in the case against her, appears to be typical for other cases of slander thereafter. The truth is never allowed to close a case of slander, whereby the slander festers on and continues to have its damaging effect for a long time into the future.

After the slanderous attack on her person and her work, at the age of 86, Mary Baker Eddy, moved her entire household to Boston to start "The Christian Science Monitor," a full-fledged newspaper with the mission to "bless all mankind and injure none," as if to help satisfy yearning of the human soul for a wider sense of love. 

In 1908, the year after the attack on her - the year of the Monitor - Mary Baker Eddy altered the design of her seal that she had placed on her textbook from 1881 onward, spanning over 400 editions. 

She further added a final paragraph to the chapter, "Christian Science Practice," of her textbook, admonishing the field:

"Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake."

Did she mean with the term "asleep" and "awake," both the passive and active sense? Active mental malpractice typically reflects itself back onto those who practice it with all the damaging results that are intended, such as by preventing the blessings that are blocked in the flow of it. 

Looking forward: A house united

Howard Meredith never published his work. I undertook the work of documenting what was accomplished. I summarized what I understood of the work we had started, which necessarily became individual work from a certain point on. The impartation of infinite Mind is evidently never singular or stereotyped, as the term "infinite" signifies, referring to a reality "without limits."  The publication I produced reflects the state of my recognition at the end of the great discovery era. It is available for free in the form of the Volume 3 book, of my research series "Discovering Infinity." My 14 novels also reflect to some degree some of the principles that came to light during the years of discovery. All of my work is published for free, as it must be to be accessible universally, from the greatest to the least in the 'kingdom.' Christ Jesus presented the platform for the General Welfare Principe with his parable of the King who praised those who had uplifted the "least" persons in his kingdom, by saying that they had done this therefore also to him, as if to say, man is one as God is One. (Matt. 25:34-45)

In this context, for as long as there are persons in the landscape of civilization who lack the means to pay, or even lack the means to eat and have a home, my gift for their uplifting must be free. Thus, I am providing all of Mary Baker Eddy's books for free online on the internet, together with the Bible and with also the first set of Bible Lessons that Mary Baker Eddy has pioneered in 1898 (See: Mary Baker Eddy Christian Science). With this service I am providing a facility to bridge the great gap between the rich and the poor, and the close and the distant. The faculty functions in essence as a virtual reading room that is accessible anywhere, anytime, and is as close as the telephone. Most modern portable phones have internet access capability. Also, most Libraries and Community Centers provide free internet access to anyone.

With the widely available internet access, the virtual reading room facility makes the Christian Science textbook, the Bible, Prose Works, Christ and Christmas, the Christian Science Hymns, the Church Manual, and a complete set of Bible Lessons instantly available almost anywhere, whenever a need for these arise, be it on the bus, on the beach, in a class room, at work, and so on. The virtual reading room facility also makes the textbook searchable, to some degree. The link, "Ask Mary Baker Eddy" links to an index page of all the subheadings in the textbook. The headings are thereby searchable with the internet browser. The headings are preceded with a clickable link to the text associated with the subheading. Thereby the telephone can become a spiritual research center that is always open, 24 hours a day, and at almost any place.

In this context I provide every other aspect of my own work for free, likewise. In truth, we are one in love. No matter who we are or where we may be, we are people of a common humanity and a common universal human soul in all fundamental aspects. And so it must be, as we reflect God, Soul, which is is singular, in our individual ways.

The principle that man is one as God is One, is reflected in the General Welfare Principe that the USA, as a nation, is founded on. The nation will prosper by this process of participating in the divine design, or will collapse itself without it, as will humanity as a whole.  No one, and no nation, stands apart from the divine dynamics. I have built my church on this principle, and am giving it expression as widely as possible with my virtual reading room facility. I am even providing a virtual church home, accessible anywhere in the world and by anyone, from the kings to the homeless, and from distant villages to the mega-metropolises. And again, this church is as near as the local library and community center, and where internet access is provided to all people. The link to the virtual church facility is "Morning Prayer Hymns."

I am facilitating reading room services and church services in a landscape in which the traditional Christian Science reading rooms and churches have become fewer and thus increasingly more distant for evermore people. I am providing the needy as for the wealthy, free access to the most precious, together with access to the most-leading-edge physical science of the type that the Christian Science Monitor will publish one day, of physical dynamics that affect our world and our very existence, and our responses to them in which we are one, with a common responsibility to meet the universal human need.

Was the research work into the Glossary worthwhile then, that had been pursued during the years of our work in North Vancouver from the 1980s onward? The proper answer must necessarily reflect what is achieved beyond my personal context. It is there, indeed, where the greatest direct benefit may have resulted from the intense, disciplined scientific work that had characterized our period of discoveries in North Vancouver. It has resulted in amazing secondary discoveries in astrophysics in later years. It took a lot of patient, alert, drawing together of discoveries in astrophysics, plasma physics, and electro-astrophysics, from numerous sources, to touch upon the recognition that the currently ongoing weakening dynamics in our solar system, and in the cosmic system that powers it - if the weakening continues - will lead to the Sun going inactive in roughly the 2050s timeframe with a 70% reduction of its radiated energy (See: Ice Age Science). The consequences are enormous. However, the greater factor is the spiritual factor.

In considering that the potential is great , for the Sun to go inactive Sun in 30 years, whereby the Ice Age begins (see: 58-part Evidence - 4th video), a great existential challenge lies before us that extremely few in society are presently willing to even acknowledge. Technologically, the resources exist for humanity to protect itself from the coming Ice Age, if the challenge was acknowledged. But will we do it? Will society commit itself to open its eyes and to get the job done? The answer to this question has a spiritual root. When the blocking factor is not a technological factor, it is the result of an unrecognized a spiritual factor, a case where the love in the human heart and soul is burning too dimly for the humanity that we all share.

That's where the tragedy looms in today's world. It does so especially large as one of its giants for peace and prosperity, which the original Christian Science movement once was or could have been, lies largely disabled on the ground. 

We presently face numerous spiritual issues of this type on the wider scene. The greatest economic collapse in western history is presently in progress, and as a consequence of that collapse, the genie of nuclear war is once again out of the bottle. Russia and China are threatened severely. They are threatened with extinction, in order to break their resistance to allowing themselves to become looted again. In the shadow of this terror show, the immediate crisis of the next Ice Age, potentially starting in 30 years, seems too far distant to matter. In real terms the Ice Age Challenge is immensely critical in the present, because a workable response to this challenge requires that the entire world remains intact, together with all its industrial and scientific capacity.  Any huge crisis can doom us on this front, without recourse. We are poorly conditioned on this front. We stand with the greatest spiritual infrastructure largely disabled, which we once had, and with the science of astrophysics similarly tied into knots for the lack of truth.

Fortunately, room still remains for repentance on both fronts, so that the ship be turned around decisively and become useful again. This healing is still possible.

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