An Invitation to Master the Greatest Challenge of All

Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


No, the greatest challenge is not the Ice Age Challenge. While our existence depends on meeting this challenge, we have the means for it at hand. Nor is the greatest challenge nuclear war, which assures human extinction. We can physically eradicate this danger in a week. Neither is the greatest challenge located in the inevitable depletion of fuels for energy, and the increasing scarcity of freshwater. Solutions exist. Neither is the greatest challenge before us, Global Warming and the mass-burning of food as biofuels to stop it. Global Warming is a lie, and the food-burning is intentional genocide. All of this together puts the greatest challenge in the world into our court, where it becomes a challenge to discover our humanity and to bring it to life.


The New Ice Age that will be upon us in roughly 30 years, poses an enormous challenge. It begins with the Sun going inactive, with a 70% reduction of its radiated energy. A large body of physical evidence exists in physics and electro-astrophysics that the potential is very great for this to happen. When the potential is acknowledged, infrastructures can be created that enable the relocation of all the northern nations whose territory becomes uninhabitable, into the tropics together with their industries and agriculture, much of it placed afloat onto the sea for the lack of land in the equatorial region. This is 'easily' accomplished with large-scale automated industrial processes. The physical resources for it exist. But will we do it? The alternative is the near-extinction of humanity for the lack of food when much of the world's agriculture becomes disabled. This is the currently chosen option, in part by default and in part to advance the depopulation agenda. Science has been carefully trained over the last century to stand in support of the default agenda by insisting that the most fundamental element of the universe does not exist. For humanity, this is a stand of self-denial. The power to recognize and understand self-evident universal principles is one of the great powers of our humanity. The denial of this power can be overturned. This may yet happen. The survival of civilization hangs in the balance, and much of humanity with it. This puts the greatest challenge of all times into society's home court: to discover its humanity.

Nuclear War is a far lesser challenge, in comparison with the Ice Age Challenge that cannot be avoided. Nuclear war can be easily avoided by simply dismantling the systems of empire for whose 'benefit' the weapons were created. To eliminate the weapons is a relatively small physical task. But will we do it? We haven't done anything on this front for 50 years, but have allowed the terrorizing of the nations to increase. While society blocks its self-defence against the near Ice Age, the American President calls for another thousand billion dollars to be spent on advanced missiles to assure a swift first-strike victory, meaning the destruction of Russia, China, and India with such an intensity that they cannot strike back. To pursue such Armageddon policies is gross insanity and extreme self-denial by humanity with the Ice Age standing at the door, knocking.

The Energy Arena is likewise an arena of humanity's extreme self-denial. We have stepped up from burning wood, to burning coal, gas, oil, and nuclear-power fuels. And there we stop. We cry that our energy fuels are being depleted. At the current rate of extraction, the world's oil deposits will be depleted in 60 years, likewise nuclear reactor fuels, unless the breeder option becomes activated again that would extend the fuel cycle 100-fold. The fuel-reserve depletion is so severe that proposals are being fielded to fast-track nuclear-fusion power development, which is inherently unworkable, and to go to the Moon to extract helium-3 from its layer of dust, to be used as a fusion fuel, even while it is known that helium-3 is extremely hard to fuse. An experiment conducted for NASA some years ago required a million times greater energy input to fuse helium-3 than the result gave back. Do we have no hope then? When all of our fuels and hoped-for fuels are depleted, what then? What will power us for the rest of the 90,000 years of the coming Ice Age? What will power humanity for the millions of years afterwards? 

The answer is simple. We have an infinite electric energy resource available to us, which is a gigantic resource that cannot be depleted. This resource is the electric energy resource that is inherent in cosmic plasma streams that power our Sun and every star in every galaxy throughout the universe. We have the capacity as human beings to develop the technologies to tap into the cosmic energy streams to meet our relatively puny needs. But will we do it? We won't do it for as long as we bow to the fairy tales of small-minded thinking, which would have us believe that cosmic electric plasma streams do not exist. For as long as we bow to this extreme self-surrender, scientifically, technologically, and humanly, we have no hope at all past the fuel-depletion stage. Thus, here again, the greatest challenge before us is to acknowledge and develop the power of our humanity that we have, as the greatest resource we can have, with which we can meet the physical challenges that the universe has placed within our reach to master.

Global Warming is not a physical reality, but it is a huge monument of our self-surrender to fairy tales that inspire impotence. It is a monument that proclaims that humanity has become underlings under the banner "In Lies we Trust." We have become underlings to insanity so intensely that a large portion of humanity has become actively engaged in burning its own food resources in a starving world, for no benefits whatsoever. That's extreme insanity, urged by extreme lies. The amount for agricultural resources that are diverted from food production to biofuels production, would normally nourish upwards to 400 million people. In a world that has a billion people living in chronic starvation, the mass-burning of food puts most likely more than 100 million people to death every year by starvation, silently, agonizingly, unseen, mostly children. As human beings, we have the power to stop this insanity that is totally based on lies. But will we do it?

The banner over the killing field reads that we must do this to curb CO2 emissions to prevent Global Warming. The reality is that the biofuels process nearly doubles the CO2 emissions. In many cases, the energy input for the numerous processes that go into producing the biofuels is roughly equal to what the produced fuels give back, so that no energy-gain is actually realized. However, the produced fuel is still a carbon based fuel that produces CO2 in the process of burning it in automobiles. In addition the biofuels burning also produces ozone, a serious hazard, and a number of carcinogenic pollutants. The point is that society is committing genocide at a rate far exceeding Hitler's holocaust, while the development of the energy option on which the future of humanity depends, remains blocked.

The Freshwater Shortage is another monument of humanity standing in denial of itself. It has been known for a long time that rainfall pattern are unreliable and extremely sensitive to climate conditions, and that dramatic changes in climate conditions are fringe effects of the ongoing transition towards the next Ice Age. It is also known that freshwater can be produced as needed, in large scale industrial desalination facilities. The physical principle even exists that would enable reverse-osmosis desalination to power itself when placed into deep oceans, so that the weight differential between freshwater and salt water would drive the system without artificial energy input, so that the rate of flow is dependent exclusively on the size of the facilities that can be scaled to match the need. But will we do it? Will we become producers of our resources for living, or will we revert to the stage of gatherers and hunters that live and die with the changing environment? The answer lies in discovering the dimension and the power of our humanity. It is a question of our confidence in our ability as creators and producers.

The modern answer is, that it is too expensive to live. For every penny society spends for infrastructure development a dollar is demanded in profit by the financial-derivatives thievery that produces nothing for society, but takes all it has and more. On this road humanity will die of starvation long before the Ice Age begins, which likewise society cannot prepare itself for, as even the pennies are deemed too expensive for that. The masters of the sewer cry, give us your pennies too, don't worry about an Ice Age, it will never happen, the way we see 'reality' no cause for it exists. And so, as slaves on the path, humanity will die indeed. Or is there a way out of this trap?

Discovering Infinity: That's the path of humanity's self-discovery. The astrophysical evidence tells us that the Next Ice Age begins potentially in roughly 30 years. The evidence is strong. It has numerous facets pointing in the same direction. It presents us with the challenge to build roughly 6000 new cities for a million people each, to enable the relocation of the populations out of the areas that promise to become uninhabitable. Will we do it? Why would we not do it? The principle of economics tells us that we don't need the pennies that the rich won't let society have. We already have all we need. We have the creative and productive spirit that is inherent in the greatest manifest of life on Earth. This is more than sufficient for us to get all of this done. We have the materials and energy resources to do it. Humanity is blessed with vast deposits of basalt sitting unused on the surface of the Earth. Basalt is an ideal building material. It is a finely grained stone that melts at 1,400 degrees Celsius and can thereby be shaped into anything we care to create. With automated industrial processes, typically nuclear powered, it becomes possible to create a bridge of civilization along the equator, between the continents, complete with floating agriculture, floating cities, floating industries and cultural centers, and to get it done in 30 years. The pennies of today will be superseded with floods of credit in the form of our universal commitment to meet the human need. The riches of society will then be reflected by what it creates to extinguish the human need universally. The process will be carried by 'credit' which then means 'trust,' trust in good, trust in our common humanity. On this pathway no inherent limits do exist. The more we create out of the wealth of our humanity, the richer we become. 

And so as we discover infinity along this path, we may some day designate the current era, in the history books of the future, as the age in which money had poisoned civilization to the very brink of extinction, and to the potential extinction of humanity with it.

The Infinite Future that we have the potential for already within us as human beings, is not a fairy tale. This potential is real. The Ice Age before us prompts us to let it shine. And we will shine with it. Infinity can be grasped by the process of revolution - a product of intention. The human species is built by a step beyond evolution. Evolution is too slow a process for the giant leap required to master the ice ages. It is also too slow a process for getting out of the current sewer of poverty and impotence that we still call a civilization, to the productive powerhouse that we have the potential for being, that we need to be to meet the Ice Age Challenge. 

This means, as I said at the beginning, that the greatest challenge in the world that we face right now, a challenge second to none, is the challenge to discover our boundless humanity and to live with it. This, and this alone, puts doom far out of sight that would otherwise be our future.

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