God-Loving Society

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


A touch of freedom
on the widening scene of love 
for our universal humanity


Lead-in (Background and setup for the exploration)

While I pondered what to do next, the girl from New England stood up again. She presented a poem that incorporated the Lord's Prayer. She presented it without an introduction.

Oh Love, our Father, Soul of heaven;
Truth infinite, the giver of the incorporeal bread;
Life's kingdom of Spirit, unbounded in loving;
No temptation in freedom, no lack, pain, isolation.

Oh Father-Mother, Mind, all-harmonious;
Oh Grace, where nothing is famished; where
Loving is living grace, Love is ever present;
No emptiness there, no disease, death, and indifference.

Oh Love, hallowed is Thy name - the name of Life;
Love holds no debts, we loose our debtors;
Love's purpose is rich, earth a manifest of heaven;
Love's Principle is power and glory, the Us Divine.

Oh Adorable, One;
Love, reflected in loving;
Heaven expressed in the world - Love the Supreme;
All in all power, Life, Truth, Love, the One Infinite.

She sat down again after she said this, without a comment.

The Man of The Old Cloth was evidently disturbed. "What has this got to do with anything related to the business at hand, which is the blasphemous fornication of the worst sort that is about to erupt on the beach?" said the man.

The girl answered him. "You tell me how your charge relates to anything that I have said. But you can't, can you? You can't, because it is your charge that's got nothing to do with anything real. It's got no basis, because God is Love. Your complaint is a complaint against God, the Intelligence of the Universe. It is a complaint against the Intelligence reflected in all creation and its principles, by which we have become men and woman as sexual beings with a complementary attractive polarization that brings us together in ever-widening bonds on which rest all aspects of civilization. Your complained is against civilization."

This time she spoke in plain English. "You are a hypocrite," she said gently to the Man of The Old Cloth. "The people of the beach project have challenged us all, you included, to look at the naked truth that God is Love. But you call it fornication. You said you represent a God that is Truth, but Love is Truth. Why then do you call the search for truth in love reflected, fornication? Why do you hate the truth and praise the process of covering it up? The English language has a word for this kind of two-faced idealism, this double standard. The word is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy stinks. It stinks with the corpses of millions of rotting bodies, and it stinks to heaven with the suffering you impose with your hypocrisy. I challenge you to take off your tinted glasses and look at the naked inhumanity that you preach with your support of the deepest division and isolation of human beings from one another on this planet, which you try to hide with your hypocritical preaching that denies Love, that denies Truth, that denies God and the Universe, because you don't know what a human being is.

You need to learn what Love is, before you preach. So, let me help you, and I promise not to be as gentle as the farmer was, who spoke of his little holocausts that he had helped create, which erased a few cities in the name of God. The farmer spoke of half a million people being killed in a three-day orgy of madness, which I agree was a huge tragedy. Still, it was a small thing by today's standard. In Hamburg 50,000 were burned to death in a six-day orgy of fire, we now kill 30,000 a day across the world, day after day, with imposed poverty and hunger and with imposed diseases. We do this, and I mean all of us in western society. We have also made a commitment in recent times to vastly increase this murdering of human beings by means of imposed poverty and hunger, and with imposed diseases, by taking the food out of 150 million human beings by the force of law, and to burn this food in our cars in the most horrid contempt of God and humanity that has ever disgraced this planet. By this commitment we have put ourselves on record as murderers with the intention to cause the agonizing death of 400,000 people each single day. This is the projected fallout of nearly two billion people living in chronic starvation, which we are committing the world to, by policy."

The girl raised her finger at the Man of the Cloth. "Why is it that you do not raise you voice against this murderous intention that is already law under the biofuels hoax? Let me tell you why this is, in case you do not know. You trample on Love to protect the murdering, because your organization is on the payroll of the empire that demands this murdering in order to protect the misery, the blindness, and the poverty in the world that enables the empire's looting of the world. You are preaching to us their song, not God's song of Love reflected in living and loving.

"Sure, you are not alone in singing the sung of murder," the girl continued quietly. "The entire western society is with you on this track, with few exceptions, all having been well taught by your preaching, to love greed and apathy, and indifference, and to live without Love in the heart. The naked truth is, we have no loving left because of the long centuries of your preaching. Love has been preached out of us all. In the shadow of your preaching, the love in the world has been increasingly replaced with the bomb. With every bomb that society has dropped on one another it has lost a bit of its humanity. With every house that it has built so expensively that most people cannot afford to live in them anymore, society has spat in the face of Love and continues this travesty. This is what your preaching has accomplished. We, society, even most of us in this room, forced this travesty for decades, and in an ever-harsher fashion. We have driven this to the point that people now have to resort to living under bridges, because of your preaching, so as not to die in the rain. We have forced more and more people outside the bond of our humanity, outside of God, and outside of the Universe. Yes, that's what we do, and we continue to do this, because this is the essence of your preaching against Love. This is what the beach project appears to be designed to heal by taking the division and isolation away.

"Oh yes, I heard voices of protest in this hall," said the girl. "People were groaning when the farmer spoke of Dresden. People didn't want to be reminded of the ugly past, because then they would also have to face the ugly present. The ugly present is a world in which nearly as many people are slated to be killed every single day as had been killed in Dresden on that horrid night, with the difference being that our modern victims are committed to a slow and agonizing death. It's not a pleasant experience, being starved to death, especially knowing that this is forced by intention. It is easily possible to double the food supply in the world, with modern agricultural methods. But this isn't allowed, is it? We 'allow' homelessness instead, and we treat the victims badly. We treat the homeless and the poor not as human beings, but as outcasts, and so, with each man, woman, and child who dies in the back alleys of our cities, a bit of our civilization dies with them - a bit of our humanity dies that way, and a bit of our love dies. Thus we become poorer as a society, and the world becomes increasingly unfit to live in.

"Let me tell you what kind of world we would have if we hadn't lost our humanity and our love," the girl continued. "If our love was such that we considered homelessness and slum living a crime against humanity, we would have corrected this criminality instead of continuing it for the sake of profit. We can still stop this crime, and reverse course. We have the materials and the technologies and the human resources to build the needed millions of new houses for people to live in, and thereby end homelessness and slum living forever. We human beings are a rich society by design. We have the power to give those millions of houses away for free and end up richer in the process than we ever have dreamed possible."

"Your utopian dreaming is off the subject," a well-dressed man on the panel interrupted the girl.

"That's not true!" said Steve and stood up. "What the girl has presented is not utopian dreaming. What she said is totally within the context of looking at the naked truth of our humanity and our world."

Steve went forward to the panel and recited the long litany of his credentials, degrees, awards, and citations for public service.
"We have the potential to make good on what the girl has promised," he said, "if we pay heed to the love in our heart to do it. That's the truth. And the truth is the truth whether it is uttered by a child, a girl, a boy, a scientist, or by the most honored elite. The truth is what matters, and the girl spoke the truth. We have the physical and technological capability to do what she proposed. If we would utilize basalt as the building material and mass-produce the new houses in automated production lines, powered by modern mass-produced high temperature nuclear reactors, we can create houses so inexpensively that we can give them away, most certainly to them whom we presently force to live homeless and in slums. The technologies exist to do this. The materials exist in great abundance, completely unutilized. We have 170,000 cubic kilometers of it sitting unused on the ground in the USA. The nuclear power resources do also exist in great abundance. Apart from uranium there is enough thorium in the world to power five million reactor years. Only a tiny portion of that will ever be used since in 50 years or sooner space-based power will likely come on line with boundless resources for all practical considerations. In other words, we lack nothing in resources to build the needed millions of new houses with ease to eradicate homelessness, slum living, and rent slavery. Preliminary estimates have it that a single one-gigawatt basalt processing plant would produce ready-made modules for 2,000 houses per hour, or 17 million a year. If we were to do this, utilizing this single mostly automated plant, we would create a whole New World for ourselves along the way, with a brightness such as even fiction writers have not yet imagined. And it would cost us almost nothing. The only item that we do not have readily available at the moment, but which we need to realize this existing physical potential, is love. And this my friends, is the naked truth. 

"Because of our utter lack of love we live in a terribly poor world," Steve continued. "We have created a world powered by slavery and stealing, a world darkened by inhumanity, torture and genocide. We are our own victims in this dark world, because we have trashed our humanity. We have burned it. We have burned it in the firestorms of Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, and in the fires of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And now we are burning it more massively in Africa in operations of genocide that make Hitler's war on humanity appear like a dance of children in comparison. This is the reason why we won't build the needed houses that our humanity would require us to build. We don't build them, because we don't have enough humanity left. We could build 17 million houses a year with one single plant. That's more than enough to cover everything that the girl said we need, and we would do it for a fraction of the economic resources that we throw away in building just a single one of our fancy weapons systems, like the B1-B bomber, or even the B2 bomber that costs us more than a billion dollars for each single aircraft. And still, we don't do it, even while those houses would uplift the face of America and bring the nation into the sunshine. We don't do it, because we can't lift a finger. We have burnt too much of our humanity. We have too little left. We have lost our love. Thus we say nay to life itself and build for killing instead of living; and say nay to having a bright future while we embrace slavery and torture and genocide instead. Just imagine if we had enough humanity left to muster the love to build those millions of free houses that are urgently needed. We would reap along the way a vast new industry for building anything, with a technology that would uplift all building processes, cultural and industrial, that would uplift architecture itself with these new materials that afford new freedoms in design. We would also reap countless secondary industries in the wake of this single economic driver. Why then don't we do this, and instead make a hell hole out of our world that is reeking with such inhumanity that the devil would envy us for it if there was such a thing as a devil?"

Steve sat down again without exploring the subject further. Perhaps he felt that he said all what needed to be said.
The well dressed man on the panel protested. "That's totally impossible under the present economic reality," he said. "The debt service costs would be prohibitive."

The old man who spoke earlier stood up again. He came forward again, cane in hand. "Of course it is impossible under the present economic reality," he said and laughed, waving his cane about. "It's impossible, because we are denying the nature of our country, of our history, and our heritage. Our republic was created as a society that extends itself the needed financial credits for its self-development. We are denying that. Our founding fathers set up a society that creates for itself whatever financial credits are needed to build itself a rich world. We are denying that heritage. America has been created as a credit society, not as a beggar society that has to go crawling on its belly to the moneybags. We are denying our identity when we deny our history and our achievements. We gave away our currency to the private banking financiers by whom we became strangled for it. We are denying this folly too. This denial upon denial of our heritage, our identity, and what we have done with them, is the one single factor that makes any form of humanist economic development prohibitive."

He raised his cane. "So it is a matter of love, isn't it? If we don't have enough love left for ourselves to give ourselves the financial credits to built a world fit for human beings to live in like human beings, then we live in a default world that is becoming increasingly a living hell. And that's the naked truth that you high and holy people don't want to look at while you kill humanity with your cross of fire that no longer represents love, that needs to be healed with love. The reason that we live in the present hell is simple. It is so, because you people stand up and preach that love is impossible, and the politicians hail you for it and repeat your song that love is impossible. They even prove their devotion to your song by instigating torture, poverty, genocide, and terror as a way of life. When the heart thus becomes empty of love, fascism reigns and greed destroys mankind. That's the naked truth. And the cross is held high by you, to cover it up. Instead, the cross should be a cross of love.

"I pray to God that one day the cross will be seen as a symbol of love," said the old man. He put his cane back on the ground and leaned on it. "We had started this healing a long time ago," he said. "Did you know that? We had pioneered economics based on love. We did it in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that began to develop itself as a credit society. This society had developed enough love for itself to do this. Massachusetts became a highly developed society. Of course the imperials wrecked our credit system. However, we recreated it. We put it into the Constitution of our nation when the Constitution was created. We established ourselves with it formally as a credit society. Hamilton pioneered the process, Lincoln built on it. Henry Carry promoted it across the world. And so, with all that in our pocket, America became the envy of the world. Of course the traitors descended quickly and assassinated Hamilton and assassinated Lincoln too, and destroyed what Carey stood for and had promoted. They destroyed it finally in Congress with the Specie Resumption Act in 1875 that officially ended our credit society principle and created a gold-based monetarist stranglehold. But the accomplished destruction didn't reach deep enough to satisfy the masters of empire and the traitors who they owned in our midst, who wanted to impose imperial monetarist rule over America for ever. So they kept on fighting until America surrendered. They fought us until we gave up all rights to our national credit system and then surrendered the nation to the imperial monetarist looting machine. This tragedy happened on the 23rd of December in 1913, on the day before Christmas. It was accomplished with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act. This bill of travesty should be called the Federal Destruction Act. It gave the nation's currency and credit as a Christmas present into the private hands of the imperial monetarist empire, the private central banks. This surrendering of America was synonymous with America loosing World War One, which we lost before it even started. America lost the war against oligarchism and fascist monetarism for the whole world. The history books are wrong. World War One did not start in 1914. We started it in 1776 and we lost it in 1913. And the biggest salvo against us was probably the assassination of President William McKinley at the 1901 world's fair of scientific and technological innovations and cultural optimism. McKinley represented the still lingering idea of the credit system that had made the technological achievements possible. He was assassinated for his commitment right in the middle of the fair. And with him America was assassinated. We have never recovered from that.
"We have recovered from all of the previous assassinations," said the old man with the cane, "but we have not recovered from this one. We lost the war in a big way a dozen years later at Christmas time in 1913. When the shooting rampage of utter madness begun in Europe, that explosion of madness was merely the aftershock of it. It is mistakenly called World War One with the intention to hide the real world war that preceded it. The real world war had already been lost by then. The shooting rampage in Europe started six months later, almost to the day after mankind's loosing the real world war in America in 1913, by our surrendering to the moneybags. This was the beginning of mankind's railroading into hell that hasn't stopped. Yes, and it was all done under the cross that should be a cross of love. We can alter its history. We can create an image for the cross that represents love by rebuilding in our heart what we have lost. This means that we go back to the day before the assassination of Hamilton, when the train to hell started to roll. We can do this. We can go back to what we were, to our heritage and acknowledge our identity as a Federal Credit Society. And we can do more than this. We can restore what has been lost and step to higher ground and move forward. Our humanity is still recoverable if we give ourselves half a chance and not hide the truth, but speak it."

The man sat down.

The girl said that she had nothing to add, and sat down also.

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