Freedom FROM Love
or Freedom TO Love?

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


With total freedom from love, 
not even the worst is unachievable

In the world of

Thomas Hobbes


Trapped by Deception

As children of Thomas Hobbes, the English philosopher, humanity has inherited the sewer. Hobbes, as some researchers say, declared in essence that love should not be a factor in human society. Hobbes declared that man is essentially an animal motivated by the balance of pain and pleasure. He declares that this balance motivates an economy of toil that is protected by the absolute rule of a Sovereign to whom society surrenders its sovereignty, its welfare, and its self-determination. Some say that in extreme cases it became a capital crime in the Hobbsian world for a person to suggest that love should be reflected in the affairs of state rather than the arbitrary dictates of absolute authority. 

This train of thought has become developed into the modern form of political liberalism. There, the highest form of freedom is said to be a person's, or society's, total "Freedom from Love." 

The Zero-love theosophy (of God is dead, and love is dead) became the foundation for the World-depopulation policy of modern empire that aims to reduce humanity from its present 7 billion people to less than 1 billion. Such a vast genocide is not imaginable, much less possible except on a zero-love platform, or total freedom FROM love.

The zero-love platform has also furnished the foundation for nuclear war that had been developed as a super-terror threat to force humanity into compliance with the dictates of imperial rule. This terrible super-threat is presently directed against Russia, with the demand attached that Russia either allows itself to be looted once again, as it had been looted when communism was collapsed. The looting of Russia by the West was so extensive at the time that the death-rate far superseded the birth rate, to the point that a German research institution feared that if the trend was not reversed, Russia would die out in short order. 

Russia recovered. However, with the West's financial system now teetering at the brink of collapse for the lack of a fresh victim to loot, the eyes of the masters of empire are fixed on Russia and also China. It is believed that the looting of these nations, as in the olden days, would keep the dying imperial system alive for another day. Both nations are now threatened with nuclear war for this reason. Russia will not yield. To yield would be suicide. China will not yield either. Neither will the West relent, because without its rapid looting of Russia and China, the imperial system is doomed to disintegrate. 

The West is pushing desperately from its platform of empire that is a platform of total freedom from love and humanity. The West has become trapped by the long train of the Hobbsian ideology, to place itself on this platform. Of course, Hobbes had many disciples over time, such as Adam Smith, who all sing the same tune. Being trapped onto this platform, the platform of the system of empire, the West cannot relent from its push for world domination that is sees as its only hope for keeping its dying, liberal, monetarist looting system alive. An imperial system is non-productive. It exists by looting. It dies without it. The zero-love ideology is a part of that package. It has been developed for this purpose. "If a billion people must die for the empire to maintain itself, or six billion," the high-minded on the freedom-from-love platform shrug their shoulders and comment, "what of it?" "The really high-minded," they say, meaning people who have liberated themselves from love, simply don't care about human happiness, especially other people's." So wrote Bertrand Russell in the 1950s, justifying depopulation.

If the now-near nuclear war is to be avoided, the original, prior-to-Hobbes basis for civilization needs to be re-established. This basis was the key element for the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 that gave humanity the greatest world constitution in history, built on the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. After the nations of Europe had destroyed one-another for a hundred years, and had torn each other down, they said to each other, let's do the opposite. Let's guarantee each other the freedom to be, and commit ourselves to building one-another up by promoting what is to the advantage of the other. 

This pioneering paradigm shift ended 100 years of war. Of course the imperial war philosophers succeeded eventually at wrecking the peace half a century later. However, their wrecking spree, repeated many times thereafter, didn't invalidate the principle for peace. If we aim to avoid nuclear war we need a new paradigm shift away from the insane trap that defines freedom as being free from love, to the scientific recognition that freedom TO love, is true freedom.

We are far from being free at the present stage. 

Society sings the Hobbsian song. It hails the food-burning laws that kill 100 million people a year. The biofuels hoax consumes agricultural products and resources at a rate that would normally nourish upwards to 400 million people. This food-burning orgy murders conservatively 100 million people a year by starvation, quietly, unseen, mostly children, in a world of a billion people living in chronic starvation. Society has unleashed a holocaust against itself, which it willingly participates in at the gas pump. This gigantic holocaust pales Hitler's Nazi holocaust into insignificance. We are far from being free to love. The normal state for humanity, where humanity is free to love, instead of being trapped into murdering one another, needs yet to be reclaimed.

One first faint, but necessary step by society would be, to cause the Glass Seagall law to be reinstated. This law was a law of love enacted at the very beginning of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's Presidency. The law had prevented the imperial system from stealing society's financial resources. If the law was re-instated today, the entire liberal financial looting system of empire, and everything that is latched to it, and everything that murders humanity, would turn to dust and vanish. Even the reason for the now immanent nuclear war would die with it. Humanity would live again, and find the freedom to develop itself in a productive manner and rebuilt itself.

The freedom to love, is not a hard one, for one to claim. It is built into the human heart and soul. But until a commitment is made towards it, humanity remains committed to die in the nuclear war of the champions who boast to be free from the impediments of love. That's the current commitment by society. 

The former President of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, sees the final collapse to nuclear war happening in the fall of 2015 if the current course is not altered. Many experts see this happening much sooner, possibly as early as this spring, or sooner than that. And when it does happen, and the nuclear fire burns the Earth, it will likely be that very few people will actually die, as most of society is already dead as human beings, by singing the Hobbsian song. A society that hails freedom from love, is a dead society.

Look at how dead we already are

In order to break Russia from within, the western empire has ordered its stooge, Saudi Arabia, to increase oil production, which dramatically lowered the price of oil on the commodity markets. The intention was to hurt Russia. A large part of Russia's export income comes from oil. While the attack didn't break Russia, it seriously affected many oil producers with high production costs. In most cases, though, the producer has sold their production several years in advance with futures contracts, so that when the market price was driven below the contracted price, the difference was carried by the banks that gamble in the commodity markets. While those losses a huge, the derivatives contracts associated with the oil prices are hundreds of times greater, and so are the losses incurring there, which become losses for the bank. The expected losses are so enormous that President Obama and one of the highest officers from Wall Street, forced a law through Congress as a rider on another bill, that eliminated the last protection society had against bailout claims from derivatives losses. This means that the entire huge pile of derivatives losses from the oil-price scam, will automatically be carried over to the tax payers. The 2009 bailout swindle had cost the American taxpayers nearly 25 trillion dollars. Some say that the 2014 oil scam, that was intended to hurt Russia, will likely rise to double or triple the 2009 bailout costs, that the nation must shoulder in addition, which is already dying in many different ways. This is what results in the world of the song of freedom from love. That's how close we are to a potential nuclear war.

The most likely reason why no one has yet successfully intervened, is that no one is free to do so. Empire is a deeply integrated structure where no one is free to act and think as the humans soul would dictate. Empire means that no one is free. Whoever is recruited must dance to the tune that is played. The recruited is free only to disregard his innermost sense of love for one another and for humanity. Such a free person becomes totally free to torture, free to kill, but not free to love.

A long time ago I made a lengthy in-depth study of how a human being is typically broken by the corrupting processes of empire to become a willing pone in the world of "freedom from love," and how hard it is to resist. The study became Chapter 11 - Perfidious Albion of my novel Winning Without Victory. I have presented the chapter also in a two-part video with the title The Imperial Bravo. Be prepared for a 5 hours gruelling discourse set in the middle of the night in Venice where two of the masters of empire dish up their inhumanity, arrogance, and stench that they aim to recruit the protagonist into, without an option to refuse. 

Here is a snippet from the chapter:

"Hobbes gave us the philosophy of total freedom," he said in a serious tone of voice. "When you understand Hobbes, you understand that nothing in the world matters except the imperial goal. The only thing that matters is the goal and the power one needs to amass to reach that goal. With Hobbes' freedom philosophy taking over your consciousness, I can guarantee you that the very concept of love becomes irrelevant to you, even loyalty. You will experience total freedom. There is no such thing as loyalty in the real world anyway, only survival. If you don't perform, you're dead. Friendships, alliances, patriotism, that's all kids' stuff. They are irrelevant. Only the goal isn't. That is why we will succeed and will rule the entire world without exception, because we are free, free of constraints. The Fondi Empire is the 'land' of the free. Even the religious fanatics, who are ready to kill themselves in religious wars, don't have this freedom. They will kill themselves all right, and we utilize them for this tendency, for this fantasy that they have, but they won't taste true freedom."

The 5 hour ordeal ends in the twilight of hope and uncertainty for the protagonist. For a normal human being the imperial cesspool of total freedom, by being free of love,' is unthinkable. It appears like bad fiction fantasy and leaves a sour taste. The human soul strives for 'freedom to love.' That's our native air, even while most people are rarely aware of it. Thus, the difference of a single word divides the world into two camps: the camp of "freedom FROM love" versus the "freedom TO love." The first camp is empire. An alien world unfolds within. The second camp is humanity, that the first camp is poised to devour. Many happenings in modern politics appear irrational from a human standpoint, but when they are seen against the alien landscape of 'freedom from love' and the resulting dynamics of empire, the modern political world appears in an entirely different light. The above chapter is designed to facilitate this recognition. The chapter was written more than a decade ago, but it appears to be more openly relevant now than it was then. Nevertheless, it is likely an understatement, though it illustrates the nature of the colossus that claims to be free from love. It illustrates what humanity needs to dissolve for it to be able to live. And it illustrates that the path is "freedom TO love."

On the path of the freedom TO love

The freedom to love is in the human soul, though it is often rejected in countless different ways. My series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, is focused on dissolving those rejections from the grassroots level up. The transition from the empire's pole of freedom from love, to the opposite pole of humanity's freedom to love, is not achieved in a single jump. It involves countless steps and countless challenges, and trials and errors, and conflicts and discoveries. That is why my series of novels on the subject became an epic series of 12 novels. The chapter referred to above stands in the middle of a specific episode of the larger complex of progressively unfolding developments within the series. The episode that the above chapter is a part of, spans from Chapter 5 to 16 of the novel Winning Without Victory. Each of the chapters raises the stage a little higher, of our freedom to love, and this with not just a few challenges attached. The length of the chapters can be judged by the duration of the audio versions. 

A modern expression of freedom to love

History contains many success stories of gaining greater freedoms to love, which means overturning empire to varying degrees, such as the story of Solon of Athens, Socrates, Christ Jesus, Mohamed, the Golden Renaissance (14th+ Century), the pilgrim movement in America (1620+), the Treaty of Westphalia (1648), the Declaration of American Independence (1776), and so on. Each of these were milestones on the path of escaping the colossus and gaining wider freedoms to love.

For example, the pilgrim movement that gave rise to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, created itself a financial credit system for its self-development that for the first time in history established an alternative to the looting monetarism of empire. Alexander Hamilton, the treasury secretary of George Washington expanded on the pioneered principle, which became the foundation for American prosperity whenever it was allowed. In 2014 the principle was expanded again with a new world-financial architecture, centered on new developments that uplifted the BRICS system, pioneered by China, which now stands in the world as an alternative to the looting-oriented British/American, imperial money-bags system, which is presently fast disintegrating.

The BRICS system in its present form combines the Hamiltonian Credit system principle, with the Westphalian, Principle of the Advantage of the Other. This puts the 'freedom to love' onto two grand foundations. It is a platform for seeking one's own in another's good in the world-economic arena. 

This BRICS system gained worldwide attention in the shadow of the Argentine Debt Crisis in mid-2014. I have explored the Argentine crisis in the context of Mozart's opera, "The Marriage of Figaro." The crisis was centered on the collection of unpayable debt. Argentina refused to lay itself down to die to meet the looting demands by the world of empire. In an emergency meeting of the Organization of the American States, Argentina received near unanimous support for its refusal to die. In the shadow of this support China stepped onto the scene with a brand new world development fund, and numerous economic cooperation agreements. From this spark a fire was lit. The new infrastructure development fund was joined by many nations, including the nations of the BRICS system (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South America.) For the first time in recent history, with other development funds becoming integrated in rapid order, China and the participating nations had created an alternative to empire-financing for the development of the member nations. It had created a platform of freedom to love, to cooperate, to support one another, which will open up a wide horizon for economic prosperity in the world.

Already, in the short time since the humanist response to the Argentine debt crisis brought a new light into the world, a number of long-overdue infrastructure projects have been started. Egypt is building a new Suez Canal, internally financed by Egypt. Nicaragua is building a new canal, with greater capacity than the Panama Canal. Many new nuclear power projects are on the books in the BRICS aligned nations.

The modern expression of empire:
the 'freedom' of being 'free' of love

Empire is a disaster zone of inhumanity in every direction. While the BRICS world is developing, the empire-world is grinding itself ever deeper into poverty, war, bankruptcy, and collapse. Its empty shell of looting monetarism, erroneously termed economics, is indeed a "zero sum" game. It is a game of grand thievery in which the total economic product adds up to zero and the economic substance of society - its industries, infrastructures, resources, and culture - is being destroyed. The final sum is "zero" indeed. The closer the empire system approaches its zero destiny, the louder its masters scream for war to 'force' the nations outside the dead system to allow themselves to be looted to death likewise, in order that the dead system might be revived for another day, which is not really possible. That is the state of the world today.

While the Western economies are dying, war is provoked against Russia and China. Terrorism is financed as an infrastructure for perpetual war, including nuclear-war terrorism as Russia and China are becoming evermore 'closely' and 'densely' surrounded with nuclear missile launch facilities. In the early days of the Cold War the leaders and military had a 45 minute window from launch to impact, in which to negotiate some form of termination of the game. This window has been reduced over the years to a mere 5 minutes (see Kepler 2, 3, and 4). The Ohio sub carries 24 missiles with an 11,000 Km reach, equipped with up to 8 warheads per missile. The American nation operates 14 of these utterly inhuman killing machines. The entire West has been trapped into this game of terror that serves no one but the masters of empire.

In the West, no one is free to love. The entire West is presently impelled to provoke Russia into war. The provocation is typically done with terrorist actions. The Ukraine is setup to be sacrificed to serve as a trigger for World War III. The nation is placed under a western-imposed Nazi dictatorship that is at war with its own population, terrorizing and killing the nation's Russian speaking and Russian oriented people. Several thousand people have already been murdered on this front of terror. In the West, no one is allowed even to intervene. No one is free to say no. No one is free to love. 

When France objected to the harsh sanctions levied against Russia, France became the target of two murderous terrorist attacks in Paris, as if to say to the government, "we are empire, resistance is futile." The population responded with 4 million people rallying to affirming their solidarity to the nation and to their freedom to love, rather than allowing themselves to be demoralized by the terror. The nation was standing up for its freedom to love, faint as this was. Of course, this was the wrong reaction in the eyes of empire.

With its looting financial system dying, the masters of empire are in a desperate state. The desperation was plainly illustrated when a high official of the German Government had commented on the nation of Greece waking up with the potential for leaving the Euro strangulation pact if the next national election enables this to happen. The official commented, "let them go." This too, was the wrong reaction in the eyes of empire - a dangerous reaction for empire. The rift that Greece would open up by leaving the Euro pact, would fast unravel the entire Euro zone of the empire. The empire answered Germany with a hate-riddled speech against Russia, delivered by Ukraine Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, who ranted that Russia had brutally invaded Ukraine in World War II, citing Hitler as some kind of liberator. It appears that this speech didn't fly either, in the way the masters of empire had hoped. Like a lead balloon, it didn't rouse any cheers. This again, was the wrong response in the eyes of empire. It will likely be punished for this wrong response. It is no secret really, that Germany would rather trade and cooperate with Russia, and forget the Hitler tragedy. But this is not in the cards for as long as empire rules.

The case of France illustrates that terrorism is the chosen method for punishment and motivation. The case of France also illustrates that the 'soft' forms of terror are no longer effective. Considering the dynamics of empire, it is highly likely, therefore, that an entire city will be nuked for the next escalation, to get the message across that resistance to empire is futile. The next target city may well be a German city, to whip Germany into line. If this was the case, bread crumbs would be laid out leading to Russia. 

For as long as the system of empire exists, unimaginable tragedies are extremely likely. In the world of an empire that is "free of love," no difference is registered between sacrificing a dozen people in a terrorist attack for a political objective, and the killing of several millions if the weight of the objective warrants it. Nor does it raise any eyebrows when 100 million people are sacrificed every year with the biofuels holocaust that is designed to meet imperial depopulation objectives. To the high-minded masters of empire, who consider themselves free from love, these differences cited here are but differences in numbers. The human dimension is insignificant to them, as their goal is to get rid of 6 billion people in order to create the conditions in the world for a feudal system to survive. What are a few million compared with that?

The great derailment of the terror train

The escalation of terror for which an entire city may be sacrificed, appears to be warranted in the eyes of empire, at the present stage of escalation. However, it won't likely happen because one man soured the soup. 

The train has been derailed on January 7, 2015 by a courageous patriot in a press conference in Washington, who has put on record who the main powers are that run the terrorism machine and finances its operations. He spoke in support of a Congressional House Resolution that calls for the declassification of the 28 pages of the Congressional Joint Inquiry Report on 9/11 that the Bush Administration had declared a national security secret. The former Senator Bob Graham, who had chaired the commission that created the report, declared that there is nothing in those pages that endangers the security of the USA and thereby warrants the secrecy, but that inversely, the truth becoming revealed would increase the nation's security. While he didn't reveal any details, he let the cat out of the bag nevertheless. He did this in front of cameras rolling, and in front of many leading national press services in attendance, including CNN, Fox News, US News and World Report, Newsweek, Daily Beast, the New York Times, ABC, NBC, Huffington Post, National Review, and numerous others. 

Speaking about 9/11,  the former Senator, Bob Graham, said:

Here are some facts:

The Saudis know what they did. They are not persons who are unaware of the consequences of their government's actions. Second, the Saudis know that we know what they did! Somebody in the Federal government has read these 28 pages, someone in the Federal government has read all the other documents that have been covered up so far. And the Saudis know that.

What would you think the Saudis' position would be, if they knew what they had done, they knew that the United States knew what they had done, and they also observed that the United States had taken a position of either passivity, or actual hostility to letting those facts be known? What would the Saudi government do in that circumstance, which is precisely where they have been, for more than a decade?

Well, one, they have continued, maybe accelerated their support for one of the most extreme forms of Islam, Wahhabism, throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East. And second, they have supported their religious fervor, with financial and other forms of support, of the institutions which were going to carry out those extreme forms of Islam. Those institutions have included mosques, madrassas, and military. Al-Qaeda was a creature of Saudi Arabia; the regional groups such as al-Shabaab have been largely creatures of Saudi Arabia; and now, ISIS is the latest creature!

Yes, I hope and I trust that the United States will crush ISIS, but if we think that is the definition of victory, we are being very naive! ISIS is a consequence, not a cause—it is a consequence of the spread of extremism, largely by Saudi Arabia, and if it is crushed, there will be another institution established, financed, supported, to carry on the cause.

So the consequences of our passivity to Saudi Arabia, have been that we have tolerated this succession of institutions, violent, extreme, extremely hurtful to the region of the Middle East, and a threat to the world, as we saw this morning in Paris.

So I conclude by saying, this is a very important issue. It may seem stale to some, but it is as current as the headlines that we will read today. It is an issue that goes to the core of the United States' contract with its people, that the people would give the government the credibility and support to govern; the government would give the people the information upon which they can make good judgments, as to the appropriateness of governmental action. It's as fundamental as justice to our people, who have suffered so, by this evil union of extremism and a very powerful nation-state. And it is the security of the people of the United States of America.


The world changed on January 7, 2015. With the facts now in the open and the threads for worldwide terrorism revealed, leading to Saudi Arabia, London, and the White House as stooges of empire, it will be far-more difficult, if not impossible for the empire machine to pull off another big terrorist act and whip up hysteria over it. If they dared, the world would be pointing at them, and say, "they did this; they financed it; they are responsible; they are the terrorists and have been so for the last 12 years. 

To highlight the White House connection, Senator Graham told his story of Sarasota. He said:

It was not until almost 10 years after 9/11 that we became aware that there was a prominent Saudi family, one member of whom had been an advisor to the Royal family, living in Sarasota. There were also three of the hijackers had done their flight training, at a small school near Sarasota. And during the period that those three were living there, they had extensive contacts with that Saudi family.

Less than two weeks before 9/11, under what law enforcement described as "urgent conditions," the Saudi family left Sarasota, and returned to Saudi Arabia, raising the question, did someone tip them off that there was an event about to occur, and it would be better that they not be in the United States?

Through a press group in Florida, we've been trying to get released the FBI investigation that occurred, which probed the role of the family, and the hijackers.

The FBI initially said, they could not respond to our Freedom of Information request because there was nothing to respond with. There were no documents relative to the investigative.

Fortunately, there was a strong Federal judge, who would not accept that as truth. And he and the plaintiffs pursued, and today, 80,000 pages have been turned over by the FBI to that Federal judge, in the face of their original statement that there was no information, and that judge has, for the past several months, been reviewing the 80,000 pages, in order to make a judgment as to which of those warrant continued classification, and which can be released to the public.

(See: the press conference in Washington, in video and the full transcript.)

The fight for Glass Steagall

How deeply the world has changed on January 7, 2015, cannot be determined. One man standing up with the freedom to love may have saved the live of an entire city, single handed.

It may also be that the terror train has merely been stalled to be rerouted, instead of it having been dynamited. But no matter what has happened on this front, it is highly unlikely that the quest of empire to break Russia, and especially China as the ideological leader of the BRICS system, has been taken off the table. The masters of empire can no longer allow themselves to abandon their end game. The end game of empire has already progressed too far into it for a pulling-back to be possible, or a 'surrendering' to happen. The  master's neck is in the sling no matter which way they turn. Just look at the political dynamics of the last few weeks. 

In order to break Russia's will to resist the empire, financial warfare was unleashed against the Russian ruble. The attack failed. The ruble was saved by responsive measures, and with help from China.

The next attack on Russia has been staged on the oil front. Saudi Arabia was 'ordered' to increase oil production, which pulled the oil price down to very low levels. This is hurting Russia as a major oil producer, because a large chunk of its export earnings come from oil. However, the desperate act by empire, to break Russia, has backfired. The attack pulled the oil price below the cost of production in many of the marginal oil fields, especially shale oil. The marginal producers are not directly affected at the present time as their entire production is typically pre-sold to the commodity speculation system for two years in advance. Which means that the banks and investment houses must make up the difference. 

The resulting losses are enormous, though in real terms much larger losses are tied to them in financial derivatives speculation that is typically hundreds of times larger in volume than the commodity itself that is speculated on. The resulting losses are estimated to be in range of 20 to 50 trillion dollars. These loss must now, by law, be born by the American taxpayers.

The desperation of the masters of empire has become so great that two of its highest officials, Jamie Diamond of Wall Street and President Obama have 'hammered' Congress to repeal the last provisions in the Dodd Frank Banking Reform Act that would have prevented the taxpayers from having to shoulder the commodity speculation losses. The repeal of this protection was added as a rider to an major spending bill, and even then, it only passed by two votes.

Now draw your conclusion. Place the extreme desperation within the system of empire into comparison with the unfolding of the new BRICS system as an alternative to the dying imperial system. By having an alternative emerging, which in addition is development oriented, contrary to empire, the empire looses much of its big-stick blackmail capability that it once had to impose its will. 

One sees a crisis unfolding here of a type that the masters of empire have typically aimed to resolve with terror and war. Their resorting to such methods has worked well for them in the past, to reshuffle the deck in their favour. Considering the great intensity of the unfolding crisis, the planned move to solve it will likely be already on the fast track towards nuclear war. For such a goal, terrorism has traditionally led the way. This means that the big terrorist escalation by empire will likely happen, one way or another, and will happen soon. 

Mikhail Gorbachev sees the arrival of the nuclear terror train to happen in the fall of this year. Others are not so 'optimistic.' They see the arrival much nearer. Many see the world stage to be far-more precarious today than it had been during the time of the Cuban Missile crisis in 1962. In those days the world had fewer nukes, cruder devices, and far more sanity; and above all, it had still a wide base of love remaining, for its humanity, and a growing cultural optimism on the rise in the form of President Kennedy's Apollo Moon Landing project that he had proposed in the previous year on May 25, 1961. All of these great things are no more. Kennedy's moon exploration project was defeated with the gore of the Vietnam War, the heart-wrenching terror orgy that has caused millions of people to be murdered, for which the President himself was murdered to get the orgy started.

Terror is the tool of empire. It is an essential component for meeting the objective of empire. This means that terror will continue for as long as empire exists as a world-shaping force. This also means that its terror escalation will continue with it. This further means that the nuclear strike against a city, as the next larger act, will also remain on the agenda to get a major war started. While this won't likely happen in Europe, now that the finger points to London as the terror center, a city on the West Coast of North America will likely be chosen to be sacrificed, with the bread crumbs laid out from there towards China, to either start a war or to break China into submission. 

The application of terror to force the world into submission to empire was the evident reason for the terror bombing of the City of Dresden in Germany, and of a number of Japanese cities that were sacrificed for similar terror objectives, in order to let it be known that resistance to empire is futile - don't even think of it!

The City of Dresden had remained intact throughout World War Two. It was a cultural center of no strategic value. The city had been overflowing with refugees fleeing the approaching war front. The influx had nearly doubled the population. This overcrowded city was destroyed in the last days of the war with a 14 hour orgy of fire bombing from England, carried out by a thousand heavy bombers. In the orgy of senseless murder half a million people were burned to death. Yes, it delivered a message to Stalin: Resistance is futile; human value is not a factor on the ledgers of empire. The message was repeated several times in Japan.

At the end of World War Two, empire was fighting for its existence. During the war, the American President Roosevelt had let it be known that in the postwar period the system of empire would be dismantled, the colonies become free, and be helped to develop themselves. The opposite happened. America was defeated by empire. It was so thoroughly defeated that it dynamited its own vital industries by its own accord in the postwar years, with its productive work force being put onto the scrap heap. 

With nothing much remaining now, for deep looting in America in order to prop up the dead monetarist system of empire, empire sees its hope for survival in breaking Russia and China, especially China that is offering humanity a chance for freedom from empire, the very thing that Roosevelt had promised, and would have delivered had he lived.

In order to break China with a terror that starts a war, one of the big West Coast cities of North America will likely be sacrificed. Technologically this is easily done. A single W88 warhead would suffice. As a medium-size warhead, it can be carried on a private aircraft or as cargo on an airliner. It is less than 6 feet long, and less than 2 feet wide at its base. It yields an explosive force equal to 470,000 tons of dynamite - more than 40 times of the yield of the Hiroshima bomb. Of these W88 warheads, 400 are presently in service or kept on the shelf. It probably wouldn't be hard for the masters to cause one to be diverted, since they already own the U.S. government, or to buy a similar one from Israel or other sources for what they may see as a 'critical' operation. 

In the eyes of empire that sees itself to be free from the humanity of love, any horrid thing is indeed possible, and if carried out drags humanity into the sewer of war with it. In the parable of the good Samaritan, the priest and Levite who walked by the injured traveller at the roadside, are in modern times those who made themselves 'free' from love, from the divine imperative. They represent empire in modern time. To them, the human factor does not exist, except in calculations for inciting rage. Commenting on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is quoted to have said, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." In today's world, where love has been diminished to extremely low levels, the Pearl Harbor effect may be exploited once more by the masters of empire to make the 'impossible' happen. A big new Pearl Harbor shock would turn our fragile world upside down, as the masters have long desired. The much-reduced freedom to love, that defines the current state of the world, is humanity's Achilles Heel that the masters will likely be tempted to exploit. Our only hope is, to expand the freedom to love beyond all boundaries. This means participating in the divine design where divine Love is reflected in love.

Under the present circumstances, it would be surprising if a large terror-blast that destroys an entire city, which is easier done than the Pearl Harbor shock was done, would not be on the agenda of empire already in some form at the present stage, to provoke a war with China and Russia. In the case of the City of Dresden, nobody had imagined that the terror attack against an entire city choking with refugees would be unleashed and would be kept up for 14 hours, killing relentlessly. No one had imagined that this could possibly happen. Children were dancing in the street, celebrating the impending end of the war. Hours later their life was torn to shreds. Nobody suspected anything until it happened. Terror functions that way, as no physical defence against it exists, or is possible. It can only be prevented by removing the source, by dismantling the system of empire in all its forms, the system that is defined by its self-declared freedom from love.

In this respect the dramatic rise of the BRICS system can bee seen as a positive power that has the potential to block the escalating march towards full-scale nuclear war. The BRICS system incorporates many of the vital features of the historic Treaty of Westphalia that once stopped 100 years of war in 1648. The BRICS system also includes the feature of the Principle of the Advantage of the Other, the principle of the freedom to love. The powerful effect of the resulting treaty of the nations with each other, the Treaty of Westphalia, was evidently derived from its underlying commitment to widen in the world the freedom to love. This effect was the outcome of the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. 

The now fast-expanding BRICS system is built similarly on a commitment to mutual economic development that reflects the Westphalian principle, the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. The BRICS system presents itself thereby as an expression of the principle of the freedom to love. With a commitment in this direction strongly in place, the nations that are presently captives of empire, especially those in the Euro zone, have an alternative support structure to link up with when they leave the Euro zone behind. 

Greece, with a national election coming up, might choose this path, a path out of the crushing conditionality of the Euro dictates, and the ever-looming threat to have its people's assets confiscated with the now legalized bail-in mechanism that is enshrined in law to prop up the bankrupt gambling banks. Stepping away from the Euro is an effective path that the nations of Europe have, both to live again, and to bankrupt the system of empire to save everyone's existence before it is too late, which is the point when nuclear war happens. Dr. Martin Luther King had warned that there is such a thing in the landscape of history, as one acting too late.

The USA has an additional opportunity to dissolve the system of empire, before it is too late. The U.S. legislature has the power to do this by reinstating the Glass Steagall law that was originally created to isolate the gambling bank empire from the nation's commercial banks. The law is designed to protect society and its commercial activity, instead of protecting the looting operations of a few gangsters. At the very moment when the Glass Steagall law, that had been repealed in 1999, is enacted again, the entire pyramid of empire will die in bankruptcy to its very core, as a consequence, and with it, its fast advancing movement to nuclear war will cease. At this point humanity can truly live again. 
See: Freedom From Money with Glass-Steagall

No other options really exist for humanity to survive. In this context, the reinstatement of the Glass Steagall law is not merely a step to reinstate sound banking practices. It is vastly more than that. It is humanity's 'last chance' to have a future. Glass Steagall stands between the certainty of nuclear war on one site, and the freedom to create the greatest renaissance of all times, on the other side, with the freedom to love, for the recovery of the world. 

For the first time in history the critical combination of circumstances exists for humanity to dismantle empire once and for all. The impossible-seeming can be achieved by the courageous re-instatement of a single protective law. But will society stand tall enough to do this, and instruct its legislature to "make it so?" The answer has not yet been written. The nightmare of nuclear war can still happen, it can also still be eliminated for all times to come. We stand at the crossroads, and the deciding factor is the freedom to love. Humanity is that close to winning. But will it be done? Will society grant itself the freedom to love that it urgently needs?

With the Glass Steagall law NOT being implemented again, humanity faces its potential self-extinction. This is almost guaranteed. However, with the Glass Steagall being fully reinstated, a door opens up for humanity to go far beyond mere survival. With empire dismantled, a door opens up for society to implement the federal credit system that Alexander Hamilton had demonstrated to the world to be the most natural and most powerful basis to built a human economy on. This is not an alternative to empire. This is a basis for living. This is a basis for meeting the Ice Age that will be upon us in 30 years, for which the most powerful economic machine will be required to meet the challenge. This can only be achieved on a federal credit financing platform.

The USA had briefly implemented the federal credit principle at the beginning after its founding. Since this principle leaves no room for empire in an economy, the long hand of empire had reached out repeatedly from Britain, the heart of empire at the time, to the USA to crush it. This happened 4 times, and 4 times the USA reasserted its sovereignty and rebuilt itself. 

The first attack to crush the USA from within, by shutting down its first national credit bank, was carried out by the Jefferson Madison machine. Years later, the second national credit bank was chartered out of sheer necessity. It was crushed again by the Andrew Jackson machine. The national credit principle was  re-applied years later by President Abraham Lincoln in the form of the greenbacks system to mobilize the needed far-flung industrial development that became the critical factor for winning the Civil War for the Union. The greenbacks, afterwards, carried America's economic development forward almost explosively, so that it became the pioneering model for the world, for a season. The greenbacks were eventually legislated out of existence in 1875 with the Specie Resumption Act that essentially ended the federal credit system, and substituted gold, private gold. The last implementation of the federal credit system was carried out by President Delanor Roosevelt in the form of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. It also provided the means for mobilizing the needed industrial power to win World War Two. The highly successful credit system died with the President, and remained buried thereafter to the present day. 

In its entire 135-year history, the USA had implemented its founding principle, of the freedom to love itself as a people, for only 40 to 45 years. For the rest of the time the USA was extensively choked by the private monetarism of empire that is presently choking the world, even while it is collapsing itself. 

The principle of the freedom to love is once again on the horizon. And again, huge efforts are being made by empire to prevent it. Hopefully, humanity will stake its claim this time. Whatever is intrinsically divine about humanity, such as its freedom to love, will assert itself more fully in our time if we care to have a future, which we must pursue with the start of the next Ice Age standing near on the horizon where the freedom to love becomes indispensible.

If one looks back to the rich times in America's past, which are the times that are still remembered fondly, it becomes evident that everyone of those times were located in the federal credit principle periods. Those were periods marked by a commitment to wider freedom to love. Glass Steagall can get us back to this historic stage as a first step, and take us beyond, forever. 

Glass Steagall, which Roosevelt had set up to become his firewall against empire, became at the same time an open door for his implementation of the federal credit system principle through the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. This 2-fold platform had worked well and will work again. Its foundation is natural. Its essence is already lodged in the human heart and soul. No miracle had been needed for its implementation to break the depression, though its effect did border on the miraculous. Neither will a miracle be needed in our time to recover the world today.

The freedom to love has suffered a terrible defeat

The freedom to love was destroyed in the postwar period on the political scene. But had it been also destroyed in the heart? In today's world we have the destructive power of 500,000 Hiroshima bombs deployed against us. The freedom to love has suffered a terrible defeat with this background rising. We are burning food at a rate that kills likely 100 million people a year, most of them children, and we stay the course. We are stealing from one-another as a society, and this so intensively that evermore people cannot afford to eat, much less have a place to live. We have become a defeated society. But this defeat can be reversed. 

The revival of the freedom to love that the BRICS system is built on and inspires evermore, with evermore nations joining this system, puts hope onto the horizon that the beginning of the end of poverty and inhumanity is in progress, and that the scourge of poverty and inhumanity will ultimately suffer a deep-reaching defeat and vanish from the human landscape. Whether the starting momentum, as great as it appears to be, is sufficient to carry the day towards the final end of empire that would assure the futures existence humanity, remains yet to be determined. 

Emergency measures to rekindle the freedom to love

Society has lost its freedom to love and has the barrel of a gun held at its face. Our future existence depends on regaining our freedom to love, and to regain it with the speed and the devotion of an emergency drive. The term "emergency" is actually too soft a term for the challenge before us, but it has to do for the lack of a better term that reflects the consequences of nuclear war that is on the agenda as has been openly stated by the President of the USA who has called for the spending of a trillion dollars to improve the efficiency of missiles to better win a first strike nuclear war. Let's give us the first strike capability against empire that demands war. Let's rebuild our humanity up with giving ourselves a wider freedom to love than ever before. We can do this. America's spiritual pioneer of the 19th Century, Mary Baker Eddy, even added her sense of it to the Lord's Prayer, saying that divine Love is reflected in love. This means that the freedom to love makes us participants in a divine process, the process of Love being reflected in love. How then would we fail? With this provision already established, supporting us, how could we possibly fail? On the platform of universal freedom to love, we move with divine power. That's something to celebrate and to demonstrate.
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