Economics of the Prime Directive

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Feed the hungry,
Heal the heart
(Dismantle empire), 
Till the morning's beam...


The Prime Directive

The prime directive, illustrated above, is prime, because it is natural. "Economics" is the term we use for the dynamics of meeting the human need. Humanity exists almost exclusively by created resources, that society has joined hands to create for itself. Everything that has been created on this planet has been created by human beings, by their intelligence reflected in science and technology, and by the care to make the human miracle happen. This is a reflection of what defines us as divine. The creative process rests in "the Mind becoming manifest" in an infinite variety of productive expressions: ideas becoming monuments of utility, grace becoming beauty, life becoming rich with love.

Love for one-another, the human spring
Mankind is afloat in a sea that is Love
Seeds germinate, become plants
Roots break the ground
Love lifts the barriers, patiently
Silently waiting, reaching for the sky *1


In theological terms, love in the world is the essence of the divine becoming manifest in countless individual forms, as humanity participates in the divine process. All economic value is created in this process, exclusively. By itself, money creates nothing. Money has no intrinsic value. The "god of money" is a dead god with a heart of stone, that has stolen the human heart. Its money is "stone money." Every war in history was launched by the stone god, which may also be termed the god of property. Humanity has been educated by this god to attribute value to money that is "stone based", weather it be paper or gold. 

And of these stones, or tyrants' thrones,
God able is
To raise up seed in thought and deed  
To faithful His. *2

The most wide-reaching sophistry by far is centered on the god of money. It has blackened the ages to attribute value to something that has no value, and power to something that has no power. If one peels away the sophistry, money comes to light with a different face; a benign face; an honourable face; the face of trust, love, care, and humanity. The native face of money is that of a love currency for building and meeting the human need - its love money. 

An example of the benign face of money, that face of "love money" lit up the late 1600s on the American shore in the Bay Colony of Massachusetts. It started with the need for building an iron works as an infrastructure for the blacksmith industry and other producers of iron products to support agriculture and commerce. The project was initially financed from England. Also, it was given a long-term tax break. 

History tells us that the project started as a flop. It had to be relocated to a new location where the inputs - iron ore and water power - were more abundantly available. The project appears to have been financed largely by the state, at least in part, some with a promissory scrip system that served as credit for building the mill. The mill, created by the people for their collective welfare, quickly became the most-advanced iron works in the world. Five years after the mill started to operate, the idea of state-created currency emerged, probably to create credit for other infrastructure projects. On this basis the Pine Tree Schilling was forged, in 1652. The resulting prosperity, with the colony having its own currency, may have angered the British king. The mint was closed by the government in 1682.

The closing of the mint, however, did not erase the memory of the general prosperity that the federal-credit principle had created. The idea of a nation creating its own currency to facilitate its commerce with one-another, and its infrastructure building, had remained alive as an idea of freedom, of independence, of building a richer life for one another that reflected a wider "freedom to love." From this root of independence, the idea for an independent nation was born. The idea became a legal revolution with the Continental Congress standing up against the world of empire, declaring the colony's independence from it.

The idea of independence created a shockwave

The masters of empire knew that the idea of a nation creating its own means for its self-development, would signal the end of empire for all times to come. Empire can exist only for as long as it owns society's means for existing, whereby it has a controlling chokehold on it, and with it the big stick for leaching 'profit.' Empire has never produced one iota of wealth for society. It revelled in wealth stolen from society, extorted from it by sophistry, or by military force as in the case of colonialism. In the eyes of empire, money has value in as much as it can be used for extortion, control, and constricting the living of society into poverty. And it is used as such. The deployment of money in an empire is never focused on the promotion of the general welfare of society. It is deployed for gaining power over it. With America's Declaration of Independence, supported by an independent national currency, America took away every 'weapon' that the masters of empire had. It said, you have no power over us. Naturally, the masters of empire rebelled and aimed to crush the declared independence, with waves of war on the battle field, which it ultimately lost.

America became established as a national Union when it threw away the Articles of Federation with empire of its colonial past, and gave itself a taller foundation with its own Federal Constitution, forging a federation of states for a common purpose to advance the general welfare of all people. The first Treasury Secretary of the Union, of the United States, united by a common principle, was Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton believed a national bank was necessary to stabilize and improve the nation's credit, and to improve handling of the financial business of the United States government under the newly enacted constitution. Under his leadership the First Bank of the United States was chartered by the United States Congress on February 25, 1791, as a national bank for a term of twenty years.

Hamilton's Report on the Subject of Manufactures was presented to Congress nine months later, on December 5, 1791, that outlined how the Bank would be used to recover the nation with economic policies to stimulate the new republic's economy, whereby to ensure that the independence won with the conclusion of the Revolutionary War in 1783 would remain protected. Hamilton reasoned that in order to secure the hard won American independence, the United States needed to have a sound policy of encouraging the growth of manufacturing and secure the future thereof as a permanent feature of the economic system of the nation. He argued this could be achieved through types of subsidies to industry, regulation of trade, moderate tariffs on imports and other government encouragements. The policies would not only promote the growth of manufacturing, but in the process provide diversified employment opportunities and promote immigration into the young United States, and expand the applications of technology and science in all sectors of the economy, including agriculture. He argued that credit must be directed in a manner that would uplift the well-being of the nation in the most effective manner, with the most powerful increase in wealth-creating production possible. He reasoned that on this basis, and only on this basis, the war debts could be made good.

The dynamics of directed credit are simple

Let's say that a thousand tractors were needed to make a certain land useful for agriculture. Society would have reasoned that whatever was needed to get this done for itself, would need to be provided by it. And so it was done, with the realization that the money to build the tractors, which was dead money before, suddenly gained a great value by what resulted from the dynamics of the economic process. The whole society became richer thereby. The money that is thereby given to the people to build the tractors, etc., remains in circulation to be used subsequently to buy farm products in abundance. That's how dead money can furnish the creation of wealth for society. With the money that is thereby placed in circulation in society, makes a wide scene of commerce possible, including innovating entrepreneurial industries that meet the sophisticated needs of an advancing civilization.

But most importantly, the recognition in society, that the directed credit process creates wealth, inspires society to ask itself, what else can we create for our benefit? People then no longer ask, what will it cost? Instead they will ask themselves, what more can we built to enrich our human living further and further? The more society pursues such processes, the more-efficient and powerful the creative and productive processes become.

In the case of the tractors, the machine tools that were built to build the tractors, can be reused again and again to build ten-thousand more tractors, to further expand agriculture. In addition, the industry that created the tools for building the tractors, continues to make more tools, and more efficient ones. The end result of the process is that the physical wealth increases evermore rapidly, and the amount and the value of money increases with it. 

This is how the USA became the richest nation in the world in the few brief periods in which the process was allowed to function. In these periods the natural prime directive of humanity, to meet the human need in the most-efficient manner possible, was being fulfilled.

The dynamics of empire monetarism

The masters of empire operate on the totally opposite platform. Empire runs a game contrary to the natural prime directive. Its game plan is slavery in countless different forms. It cries, "being rich is beautiful," which means in real terms, "stealing is beautiful." Its modus is to isolate society and create poverty, because poverty corrupts, and absolute poverty corrupts absolutely. A poverty-choked society will toil for peanuts just to stay alive. Nothing is created by this process in economic product, except what is needed to satisfy the masters exorbitant pomp. The problem is, that the looting of society to create financial assets, drains the lifeblood out of the physical economy, which is thereby forced into an evermore accelerating collapse. By the increasing separation of financial values, from the physical values, which they stand as a claim against, the entire imaginary, distorted value system of the monetarism of empire is doomed to collapse. That's self-evident, isn't it? The result was illustrated with the triple curve, shown above, authored in principle by the American Economist Lyndon LaRouche for a presentation at the Vatican, around 1995.

In the system of empire, money is counted as wealth. This is so, because it can be used as an instrument for creating debt. With the debt, empire owns society. Debt-building became an international objective from the 1970s on, under the empire game. The IMF sent out swarms of agents to sell loans to countries in amounts that could never be repaid. Often the loans were under conditionality, restricted to be applied exclusively to useless ventures that didn't increase the wealth-creating capacity of the targeted society. When the indebted society failed on its payments, its currency was devalued, which vastly increased the debt. The Argentine debt crisis resulted from this type of process.

After Roosevelt died at the end of World War II, the USA was drawn once again into the system of empire, the very system that Roosevelt had intended to dismantle after the war. In the wake of this paradigm shift the USA was rapidly destroyed from within. The escalating commitment to money value versus human value became reflected in the rapid deindustrialization of the nation and its transformation into an importer of slavery products from other nations that lacked the means to resist the process. On this path the USA lost industry after industry while the once productive population was thrown onto the trash heap and into poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and crime in some cases as a means for staying alive. The USA became a dying nation. The USA achieved all by itself what Hitler could have never accomplished with the worst imaginable bombing campaigns. For the sake of money the USA dynamited its own vital industries, from steel to automobiles, to farming. The nation was destroyed with money. In the course of it, it became the world's foremost purveyor of violence and bestial inhumanity. It turned its back unto its own founding principles and betrayed them. When the Vietnamese people dared to declare their independence from the colonial world empire, citing America's Declaration of Independence as a foundation for their quest for freedom and self-determination, America answered with overwhelming force to crush the nation and dash its hopes. That's what flows from the sewer that the system of empire creates. The American taxpayers spent half a million dollars to kill a Vietnamese soldier on the battle field, while it spent a mere $50 on average in support of the needy of its own population. And those were the good times. In the years following the war, the USA dynamited even its general hospitals that were created to serve the general population. Only one general hospital remains in the USA. The healthcare system has been turned into a gigantic profit engine. It would be surprising if the USA did not treat the nations of the world in the same manner, or if the heart of empire in London did treat its Euro-system colonies any better.

One of the agents involved in the world-crushing operation, who had been engaged in the international debt-building swindle, wrote a book about the methods used in the game, with the title: "Confessions of an Economic Hitman." Still, the methods at his time were crude. 

Modern methods are far-more efficient. It started with a detour into widespread torture, then shifting into terror, all for the enabling of the still increasing looting of society. An unimaginably gigantic scheme of financial derivatives gambling has been invented in the resulting horrific shift from humanity to money-insanity. The gambling scheme grew into the multiple quadrillion range. When this gigantic game went sour in 2008, the swindlers in the process demanded that society pay for their losses. They had the blackmail threat attached that society's failure to comply would collapse the entire world financial system. The American government capitulated to this terror threat and paid the swindlers 25 trillion in various bailout schemes. That's highly efficient looting, isn't it? Now, the stakes are even bigger. The big oil-price shock that was intended to hurt and collapse Russia, will likely add up to 50 trillion in derivatives losses for the gambling banks, and there are likely none that are not involved, which the tax payers have to make good, at the present time, automatically, under a newly created law.

The collapse is so far advanced at the current stage that nothing in the world can prevent the collapse of the system of empire. It's dead. The only remaining question is whether society will shut the dying system down before it takes it down with it, which few people will survive. The option to dismantle the system of empire to save civilization, still exists. It is critical. Its implementation is urgent. But will it be accomplished?

Return to the Prime Directive

Society has no choice, really, if it aims to continue to live. The only choice it has is the two-fold approach that Alexander Hamilton had pioneered to isolate the nation from empire with a national bank, and to protect its industries. In real terms this translates into in essence what Franklin Delanor Roosevelt had established. His two-fold approach was, first to protect the nation's commercial banks from predatory speculation, with the Glass Steagall law in 1933 (The law was repealed in1999), and secondly to use the already existing Reconstruction Finance Corporation (designed in 1932 to get the nation out of its depression, which existed till 1953) as a type of national directed-credit institution. The Glass Steagall law had served as a protective barrier that prevented society's love money from being turned into "stone money" for crushing society. With the protective barrier repealed, society became crushed indeed, with "stone money."

Reinstating the Glass Steagall bank protection law, would almost instantly collapse and dismantle empire as an institution that is founded and exists on "stone money." In its place, a new National Bank would be established that would issue credit for rebuilding the nation, and for meeting the Ice Age Challenge on the horizon. Nothing less that the rebuilding of the nation with "love money" will be sufficient to save civilization and humanity with it.

A large body of evidence indicates that in roughly 30 years the presently diminishing plasma electric environment that powers the Sun will likely reach the critical threshold past which the Sun may go inactive and the Ice Age begins. The inactive Sun will likely radiate 70% less energy. As a result all northern countries become uninhabitable. The affected populations, their cities, industries, and agriculture, will have to be relocated into the tropics. Only the tropics may remain suitable for agriculture and human living. However, for the lack of suitable land in the tropics, most of the present agriculture will have to be located there onto floating modules, together with new floating cities and everything that goes with them. Intercontinental floating bridges will have to be built to connect them all. For the relocating of the affected nations, 6000 new cities will need to be built, for a million people each, in 30 years. None of that can be achieved on the imperial platform.

We have come to the point where the prime directive is the only option we have, short of committing suicide, to live, and to create ourselves an economic system on earth that is able to meet the Ice Age Challenge. Let's dedicate ourselves to revert back to this natural option and to take it to the most extreme expression possible to build a great renaissance with it, such as we will need in order to be able to live through the next Ice Age, and to live abundantly in it.

One thing is fairly certain. The Next Ice Age will occur by its own dynamics, whether society cares to survive in it or not. The evidence for the next Ice Age before us, and its timing, is strong.  I have recently created a video listing 58 items of physical evidence. The evidence is also strong that we may miss the boat and not prepare our world for it, and perish as a consequence clinging to the empire dream of "money my precious" that has blinded society against its own humanity and its scientific recognition of universal principles, both in economics and in astrophysics, even in religion.

The writer of the ancient story of Noah and his ark had a faint sense of the consequences for a society that is missing the prime directive. He speaks of a society that had conditioned itself against its own survival, that literally drowned in the consequences. If he spoke in metaphor, his story accurately reflects our modern world, with one exception. The exception is that in the wide world of universal humanity the prime directive is not unknown. It has taken root and unfolded in the world outside the dead landscape of the imperial realm. We have evidence unfolding momentously that the prime directive is being implemented in the emerging constellation of the BRICS nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, who each in its own way, won its individual Independence from the system of empire, and joined hands to cooperatively strive to fulfill the prime directive. Their quest is gaining momentum. Evermore nations are now joining the quest. The only major nations that are presently standing apart from the BRICS system, and are drawn into war against it, are the politically enslaved colonies of empire: the USA, the European Union colonies, and a few colonies in Africa, and so on. 

It may be that on this path of progress the beginning of the end is far advanced, of the blackest period in human history, the period of the empires. 

The centuries break, the earth-bound wake,
God's glorified!
Who doth His will His likeness still  
Is satisfied. *2

Thus, the beginning of the end of the blackest period in history heralds a new dawn for humanity. Let's not be passive in the unfolding dynamics of the growing freedom to love, and move with it from the grassroots level up in celebration of the prime directive.

Poetry: 1. Rolf Witzsche: Harvest is Seed Time -- 2. Mary Baker Eddy: Satisfied


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