The Byzantine Speech

by Canadian Author, Researcher, Explorer, Producer
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


When love
 is diminishing


My perception is that prayer is not a religious thing, but that it is love. Human existence is the composite of many factors, including environmental factors that affect the density of cosmic radiation that appears to have a positive effect on neurological development. This may be the reason why the dawn of humanity coincides with the dawn of the modern Ice Age epoch, the Pleistocene Epoch. We are literally the children of the Ice Age. Of course we also need food, warmth, shelter, and so on. But there exists still another factor that we need to have just as critically. This factor is love. Love appears to be the factor that causes healing, or more correctly, causes the harmonious functioning of individuals and civilization. It appears that love creates a 'field of good' that affects everything, from our biological systems, to social, political, and economic systems. When the field of love is diminishing, we suddenly find ourselves evermore in need of healing. And this is experienced on a wide front of concerns, including the front of escalating evils.

A dialog with an audience begins here, in the form of a speech during a hypothetical peace conference in Moscow near the end of the Soviet era, coincident with the Thousand-Year Anniversary of the Christianization of Russia. Russia had celebrated its roots in Byzantine orthodox ideology that originated in Rome and was designed to subjugate society to imperial rule, which the Soviet system had continued with its own brand of vertical domination. Would the Soviet Union have changed if this background had been more fully considered? Indeed, would society today, change universally for the same reason, considering that many aspects of modern ideology, politically, culturally, and spiritually, are still reflecting the old long-hidden historic root that Rome had pioneered?

These are questions of critical importance in today's world as we face a New Ice Age on the near horizon that is largely unrecognized or denied to even exist as this so often happens with advanced concepts. Still, the Ice Age Challenge needs to be met and be mastered. The Byzantine speech explores the barriers that stand in the way, especially the perversion of religion in the service of empire. 

When love is diminishing, empires develop, and the developing empires steal from society, destroy its productive capacity, and foster wars for extermination. All wars in modern history have been instigated for the purpose of extermination. And since even the big wars were deemed inefficient for mass-extermination, as Bertrand Russell of the oligarchic system had lamented in the 1950s, more efficient means for extermination have since been called for. 

The current goal within the oligarchic system is to depopulate the Earth from the present seven billion world population, to less than one billion. That's the policy. Nuclear war is considered as an option. The burning of food in a starving world, is another option. The worldwide financial collapse is a third option. All options are presently on the table, and are being actively pursued, almost unopposed. A great evil is presently on the move, or on the agenda, or imaginable, greater than any in history. Nevertheless, evil is not a power. It is, what it has always been, a tragic loss of love in society for itself an one another. And in order to assure this loss, and to deepen it, religions, have invented the mythical devil as the force of all evil, so that the real factor, the loss of love, will never be recognized and love be redeveloped, as the development of universal love would terminate the system of empire for all times to come.

All this means that nuclear war cannot be prevented by technological means, or political means, but can only be prevented by the 'prayer' or development of the Principle of Universal Love. If this development is prevented, the next Ice Age in 30 years becomes insignificant, as the extermination of much of humanity, for which the preparations have been far advanced, will have occurred before this time. This is also the reason why the Ice Age Challenge is of critical importance as an incentive for the development of universal love, without which, one way or another, humanity would be doomed. 

My entire 12-volume series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose, is dedicated to this all-critical 'prayer' - the development of the Principle of Universal Love in human living. For this reason, my series of novels may be the most critical series in literature at the present time. On this platform we do have a chance to achieve the needed healing of humanity of its oligarchic disease, named empire that demands the mass-extermination of mankind, and would prevent the meeting of the Ice Age Challenge.

It was probably the field of universal love, the field of universal good, that has kept humanity going and advancing on its two-million-year journey over twenty ice age cycles, and to develop itself into the marvel that we have become, a marvel with boundless potentials.

The dialog comprises Chapter 9 of my novel, Seascapes and Sand, of the epic series, The lodging for the Rose. The title of the chapter is, The Byzantine Speech.

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