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Invitation to Master the Greatest Challenge of All 

No challenge is greater than the challenge that presently stands before the whole of humanity. When the challenge is met, the brightest imaginable future will unfolds before us. Inversely, should we fail, the resulting doom would likewise be unimaginable. But why should we fail? We have the greatest opportunity before us, supported by the greatest array of explored science.

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Love Coins and Energy

 The Freedom to Love

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The series on expanding the freedom to love


Healing History

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  2. Anton of Grace

  3. ** The Cancellation

  4. ** Saying Grace

  5. The Challenge of Joy

  6. The Thousand-Year Celebration

  7. Flashlight Parties

  8. The Monster Rape and Rat Campaign

  9. The Byzantine Speech

  10. Love Letters - Love Festivals

  11. Snowflakes

  12. Keep it Secret! - Keep it Hidden!

  13. Shared Roses Shared Stories

  14. Healing the Law

The God Field (science)

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My research effort was originally focused on developing the principles necessary for humanity to survive in an era of world wars, nuclear weapons, and fascist terror that are rooted in the numerous systems of empire that predate even Rome, which still rule the world. However, in the course of the exploration a vastly greater threat to civilization came to light with the convergence of discovered principles in the science communities, which when seen as a whole, place the return of the Ice Age into potentially the 2050s, with consequences and challenges that pale all of today's political and economic concerns into insignificance.

For this reason, this site (started in 2001) that had carried my research effort from the early 1980s on, has been rededicated. The historic material from this site has been relocated to my Ice Age Ahead Super Site. The relocation enables this site to become more focused unto the deep issues, deeper than the technical and mere science issues. Technologically, the Ice Age Challenge is not a big thing. The challenge can be met with the currently available science, technology, and physical resources. But will we use the capability at hand and secure with it the future existence of humanity and civilization, or will we remain tied up into knots with 'trivial' concerns and die as a consequence? That's the question. It has at its root some deep issues, liberating issues. 

These will be the new focus for this site for the years to come, even while the historic explorations remain in the background: (List of historic explorations)

My research, under the name "Agape," is a non-commercial project carried out exclusively by me. It is dedicated to the advance of scientific and spiritual awareness of the great principles of civilization, such as the Principle of Universal Love that is fundamental to peace, economics, culture and progress. This principle has stood at the forefront during the brightest periods in history. It is reflected to some degree in the term Agape.

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